A rant about loading, unloading and carelessness

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    >In training they told us to load stuff, slowly, carefully, gently as if it they were our own packages
    >To never throw or chuck any packages.
    >And also place packages with the arrow up.

    In reality all of these are completely and deliberately ignored by everyone including the supervisors. Whom I've questioned about this.

    There is also a problem with packages falling off the conveyors near the backs of trucks. I was lucky the packages didn't fall on me. I was fortunately unclogging a package jam a few feet away.

    Another problem is when I build packages walls... I have difficulty building them and locking them in or working at a reasonable pace.

    You have to chuck smaller packages behind your wall and if heavier smalls come down the chute, you're told to chuck those too. This in turn crush the smalls at the bottom.

    Another problem is having to work quickly. Especially if you're using a load stand. I've almost fell off plenty of times. I don't feel safe doing it.

    Another time after I was done packing up a trailer and I headed over to the next trailer to start loading it. My trailer started shaking violently. I ran out of the trailer. But then it stopped, I assumed this was normal and the other truck simply slid a bit into the one I was working on. I started working again and the trailer I was in start shaking violently again. As if it was about to take off. I quickly ran out again and my coworker told me to get out fast.

    I told my supervisor and he left to have a talk with the truck driver. Apparently the truck driver mixed up which trailer he was supposed to drive off with.

    In training I was assigned to unclog jams. The supervisor there was yelling at me to unclog jams that were uncloggable up top. He told me to push on the packages to try and unclog it. I pushed on a really light package to try and push the much heavier packages below because he wouldn't believe me and I ended up hurting my back.

    The only people that could unclog it were the guys below. Since that's where the jam was in the first place.

    Then he told me to use the hook to unclog jams. This thing is hard to balance. And when I did unclog jams i wasn't expecting the packages to start pushing against the hook and make me lose balance. Using that hook is dangerous as :censored2:.
    Anyway, the other day my supervisor took me to the unloading area because he had enough loaders that day.

    Anyway, I don't mind this except the fact that you cannot slowly and gently place down the packages on the conveyor...for you own safety and for the safety of the contents in the package.

    No, everyone quickly chucks or throws them onto the conveyor as fast as they can. In 2's and 3's (exactly what they said not to do in training). Even if the package says "fragile". I've heard what I believe was glass break a few times.

    Meanwhile the women that worked in that area as unloaders... they wouldn't do much work. They'd just chat. Or stay put and stand around when more packages were delivered by the forklift drivers.


    I've noticed a lot of people break the rules, but it's okay because they worked there long enough to break them (what I was told when I questioned it).

    So, I in turn chucked the packages as well to keep up with the pace. But I was really straining my back and neck.

    Then the forklift driver dropped off about 60 LB equipment stacked 7 feet tall. It was a real pain in the ass grabbing this stuff and putting it down on the conveyor.

    Did I mention that forklift drivers are really reckless?
    Anyway, my supervisor told me to take the day off tomorrow because he had enough people for wednesday, but to come in on thursday.


    Anyway, I'm thinking of ignoring the supervisors and just working at my own pace. I really don't want to get a permanent back injury because the company ignores their own safety regulations and package handling regulations. I don't feel like I OWE UPS anything.

    Plus I don't know what kind of security comes with this job. Will they fire me after a month after the christmas rush is over?

    Why would I want to get a permanent back injury with people that offer me no real security? And I've also heard UPS fires a lot of employees before they're unionized, but I'm not too sure.

    I'd really love to work at UPS. But I wish UPS actually followed their safety regulations more and stopped caring about speed so much.

    It pisses so many people off when they see fedex employees and UPS employees handling packages like :censored2: when it's caught on video. But they do this to every single package. I wish they didn't. I wish they'd actually let me handle packages with care.


    My neck still feels sore and so does my lower back.

    Can I get any advice or tips please?
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    Chapter 37....WHAT????
  3. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    2014-12-17-17-11-40--494866855.jpeg Stop being a :censored2:.
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    You will be gone 12/24/14
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    Maybe sooner.
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  7. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    Handle with care...yeah riiiight...lol
  8. Get a good night of sleep. You seem a little off.
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    That's no way,to talk to your new Sup!
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    Go on...
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    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    That post should of been broken into 37 chapters in a novel. Holy hell.
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  14. Returntosender

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    They don't care if you damage the package. They will say the sender sent you a existing damage product. Don't you see the sups just throwing the packages like they're footballs.
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  15. taylorswiftyyes

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    Well now I know why they don't allow anyone to bring cameras into the facility
  16. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    Lol you have a point...he does sound lile a PT sup.
  17. taylorswiftyyes

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    Did they hire me just for christmas season? Then why did they tell me that they want me to stay for a long time?
    Did they lie to me?
    I heard managment complaining about a lot of guys quitting after a few days.
    So are the rumors true? Does UPS really lay off employees before they get unionized?
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  18. Richard Harrow

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  19. Gumby

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    Yes ,no and yes
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    When will this book be available in cliffs notes version?
    Some of us do not have all night to read the entire book!