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    I am just curious if it is worth hanging on to A shares of our stock in case there is an offer of a buyback of those shares. I am retired and the shares are in an IRA; I am wondering if the company would seek to buy shares from retirees or only seek stock from current employees? Any thoughts out there?
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    The only thing the "A" shares give you that are different than "B" shares are the voting rights. The company can not buy shares from only one segment such as retirees. The company does have first right of refusal on A shares if you choose to sell them. However, the price per share is what is the market is willing to pay.
  3. A shares are a lame attempt by senior ups management to try to convince us minions that we're "partners."
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    I have voted against a particular slate or board member and I had a feeling of satisfaction that my votes were on record for all to see. I know that a small amount of dissenting votes on a ballot won't change the outcome but it shows you are taking a stand and someone will take notice to it.

    It can influence other outcomes in future decision making situations.
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    My sentiments exactly.
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    who just bought, between 8:30 and 9:00 central time, close to two million shares. could it be the ups repurchasing plan?
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    It's at a pretty low price. I sure hope it goes up from here, I'm tired of watching this thing sit in the low seventies.
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    Me too, when it was at $89.00 I told myself once it got up to 95.00 I was selling, what a joke.
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    it could be anybody...I think today is the day that most option contracts expire (triple witching friday)..Someone or some instituion just exercising their contracts at the last possible time this year..

    It was probably eskew getting ready to sail off into retirement....:happy-very: