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    At our center everyday they stuff the cars full of pkgs. They send drivers out with sometimes 50 stops over the max. Then they send a "flex driver" to meet up with drivers and take stops off of them.
    I know this sounds kind of radical but would it not be more efficient to move the splits in the morning rather than sending a driver all over town picking up stops from over dispatched drivers.
    I thought a preloader made a lot less than a driver but I could be wrong.
    I just assumed that it would cost the company a lot less to move pkgs ten feet down the belt than send a driver ten miles to meet someone just to take ten stops.
    I know this goes on not just in our center because I was off yesterday and at about 3pm I saw two pkg cars from another center backed up to each other doing the old pkg swap.
    Just a thought from a "worthlessdriver"
  2. UnsurePost

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    I think this avoids adding another route (numbers), and also avoids holding up preload from being wrapped close the projected downtime. numbers man, numbers. there is always someone screwing someone else. If it were up to the on-cars, you better believe all the splits would be taken care of and everything would be fine and dandy at 8:50 or whatever the start time.
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    You don't belong at UPS. You have a GOOD idea.
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    It's an added driver as soon as he delivers his first package. So it's not that. The problem probably lies with the projected stop counts not always being true and the add/cut usually doesn't happen till the end of the preload.

    Multiple packages don't get moved by the preloaders all the time. Happens to me regularly when they do an add/cut. Partly through the day I'll find packages from the cut that were not moved.

    Remember....we are paid to be stupid on decisions like this. We just deliver :)
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    I work preload and it is about numbers! I have a question? Don't they know the volume that will be coming in for the "pull out time" of your trucks? I don't know if thats a stupid question, but it just seems that packages do NOT get to the boxline in time. Is it poor communication?


    The problem most likely lies in Add/cutts when i worked as a preload sup i will get add/cuts 20 minutes before the end of the sort. I would have to find about 50 boxes in 4 different trucks and get them loaded in to other trucks. Its very hard to find boxes at the end of the day when your truck is full. Alot of times i would get about 3 boxes out and than forget it. Im more concerned about getting everything wrapped up at that time of the day.
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    The problem is, if you don't get all the packages to be moved, you didn't get wrapped up.

    Worthless stop making sense, it is not allowed.
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    You meaning who? It seems when pacakges aren't moved or wrapped up, there is no one accountable.
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    Exactly...lots of times that just ends up with service failures and missed deliveries.

    It's not perfect BUT hold up the shift and get it done correctly.
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    It's not perfect BUT hold up the shift and get it done correctly.[/quote]

    This would cost the company money, and god forbid the preload or the local sort cost the company money. But yet between the service failures and running off the misloads every one ends up with, those are the costs of doing business. UPS operations in a nutshell, as someone on here has said, spend that dollar to save that nickel.:smart:
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    No one's ever accused UPS of doing the right thing :wink2:
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    you meaning who ever is supposed to move the add/cut. I agree there is way too little accountability in certain areas of UPS.
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    Its very hard to find them at the beginning of MY day also. but I can't use this as an excuse.
  14. trplnkl

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    Seems to me it the loader is doing their job correctly, they will be easy to find. Isn't that part of what PAS is designed for?
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    I am sorry your post made too much sense:happy2:
  16. The problem is (and I'm sure you know this already) is when PAS isn't used properly above the load level (read: dispatch), it makes it very hard for the preloader to be efficient. Say like when 650 pcs (some of which are very large) are dispatched to one car (and the majority of that to one section even), even the best preloader in the world has no chance of coming out on top of that one methods wise. I walked by the truck later on and they had 2 carts of mall stuff stacked out....the truck looked decent enough inside but who in their right mind thought all that would fit? Good luck finding an add/cut in that truck haha (I have one similar on my line).

    When add cuts are given like 20 min before driver start (WAY TOO LATE FOR LARGE ONES) they often aren't completed. I'm not saying its right and I'm not saying no one should be held accountable but I am saying if they don't get it to the preload supe/preloader before a certain time, then it shouldn't be done. You had all the time in the world before hand and then hand it to me or whoever at 840? I don't think so.
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    Freaking AMEN to that brother!
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    I guess that is why they pay the drivers 3 times as much as a preloader.

    If the guy who loaded the truck finds it too difficult to find the pkgs, don't worry the drivers will take care of it.

    I 'll dig them out for $44 an hour.
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    The best part is when you fight over all those extra packages that you know that you can't deliver, only to have someone meet you and take them. Waste time and waste money.:biting::biting::biting::biting::biting:
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