A way to beat the 9.5 problem

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    Ok we need to go over their heads to beat the 9.5 problem. i have not heard of anyone getting paid for 9.5 grievances in my area.. Most guys wont go over 9.5 or they don't dare file because they know the harassing, ojs rides and the threats will soon follow, it seems ups has jacked around with the time allowance in our area, Routes don't even plan up to 8 hours anymore and drivers are over by 1 to 2 hours Many drivers work off the clock in the morning and or skip their lunch. I know this happens across the nation.

    Here is my idea we go over their heads we go to Congress to change several laws.. The democrats are in power and seem to be targeting big business well Ups is BIG.

    It's time for change... lets change the time and a half for overtime to Double time it's been time and a half for to long now.

    Forced overtime we need to make overtime a choice not be forced to work overtime if we don't want to..

    lets start our own letter writing campaign to our members of Congress, I hope we can come up with a script/ form letter I'd be willing to write a letter and get some of my coworkers to write a letter, Ups is taking advantage of us by forcing overtime, taking time away from our families and only paying time and ahalf.... that is not enough they make a big profit by forcing us to work overtime.
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    I agree with you. My last job (Lucerne Milk - Safeway company), paid double time for OT. I think companies should pay the consequences for constantly making employess work OT.
    And it would aslo mean job creation, exactly what the Doctor orders for economic recovery.
    Besides, imagine those nice December paychecks.. :)
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    According to Brownie Hound we should just suck it up, be quiet and do our jobs, which we should be thankful just to have.

    Please go to Post #102 in the

    Re: Has anyone noticed stewards becoming weak all of a sudden?

    thread. Thank you.

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    Good idea. UPS saves money by FORCING us to work OT. Or else they wouldn't do it. Should be like the postal service rtes. Those guys sign a OT sheet if they want OT. Then they on the list split up rtes of carriers that are on vacation. Some work 6 days, instead of taking their day off during the week, they only have Sunday off.

    Bad part though, getting the FEDS. involved in any other part of our lives, and the Postal Service loses money, that's why stamps are always going up.
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    Work using the METHODS, follow ALL of the safety procedures, and, if at 3 o'clock in the afternoon you don't see yourself getting in with at least 1/2 hour to spare, send the message that you MIGHT be over 9.5 . If you follow this procedure you are doing EXACTLY what management is asking you to do (If not exactly what they are hoping you will do).
    Best I can tell the object of the 9.5 rule and attendant harassment is to get us to commit to delivering whatever is put on the truck withing that 9.5 hour time period. Then you will run, jump, etc, etc to do the job in the alloted time and if you get hurt or have an accident(things that UPS knows is a remote possibility) it will be your fault and you can be fired with cause, thereby negating the issue of unemployment payments to you. All of this sounds paranoid even to me but you must remember that UPS looks at everything on the national scale with several hundred thousand drivers in the equation. It is in the best financial interest of the company to play the odds in that sort of situation just as insurance companies use actuarial tables.
    Follow the methods, follow the safety procedures and let you union steward know if anything is not completely kosher. In the LONG run it will be better for you AND UPS.
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    What has Ovah done now?
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    Has actually nothing to do with the feds( I overlooked that).
    Would have to be in the next union contract.
    Meaning get Teamsters invold.

    UPS already steals time as it is (at our centers anyways).
    You got to work off the clock to begin your shift, making sure preloaders have done thier job (which was by us, never the case).
    For us, it's still mix and match (going by a preload chart, and what the computer tells them to do). It's awlful.

    Had to spend atleast 20-25 minutes on my own time, to re-arrange my sort.
    So, does everybody else.

    So, double time for OT, seems just right.
    It's not abnormal these days. A lot of companies have to pay double for OT.
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    Just put automatic pay in the next contract (but the union wouldn't want that)
  9. over9five

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    <sigh> No one wants to be Over9five....
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    why not fix the over 9 problem by starting a krispy Kreme fund raising drive?
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    I must be slow but I doesn't get what 'Ovah' bight be...
  12. MD Dan

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    Oops, just got it. Dohhh!!
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    We have been through this many times and a lot of you still do not get it. Do not work off the clock or skip your lunch.
  14. Monkey Butt

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    Even worse ... no one wants to be Under9five
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    And why would the union not want this? I would love it and it would save me so much time on not having to file these grievances.

    QKRSTKR Active Member

    OK? I'll say it slow. H e r e i n t h e S t a t e s , g e t t i n g C o n g r e s s i n v o l v e d = T h e F e d e r a l G o v e r n m e n t.

    Read the first post again. It says go to congress. Not the teamsters.

    No offense though. And please take none. I'm just a jerk UPS delivery driver. If you are suggesting going to teamsters instead I would say that is a good idea and u could avoid the Feds. But that proposal would most certainly end with us walking the picket line. And who is to say the economy won't be bad when we negotioate again which puts the ball in UPS's court. :sad-little:

    QKRSTKR Active Member

    PERIOD! Our start time is 900. I walk in and grab my Diad at 855. It's kinda nice at least I get to take my daughter to school.

    We have people who still get to work at 8am. That is just plain crazy. And it's mostly runners. I always say to 'em, "it's no different than punching out at 17:30 - 17:45 and sitting there for an hour after u punch out". Nobody does that. So why come in at 8? I'll answer my own ? Nervous Nellies!
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    will never happen, atleast not before anybody working right now has retired and died
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    Haven't received a single cent for the last 5 9.5s I filed. UPS drags these things out to every panel they can, I assume I'll eventually get paid. But as a result my stop counts are down 10 to 20 stops a day. If we ever get Telematics they will need to take off another 10 to 20 stops a day. Wink, Wink. Hey look, go pick up that shiny dime, over there behind that pile of hundreds.
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    Just wondering how many drivers complaining about 9.5 would be the same people complaining if they were only getting 8.0 daily. My lifestyle was built on 9.0 each day and I know I would have been hurting if it were reduced.