A way to defeat telematics?

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    Recently, an on road Supervisor arrived at our PCM with a stack of paperwork. Turns it out it was all data from telematics. He didn't have anything for me or a few others. Turns out telematics will not record if you don't scan the barcode in the vehicle. I'm used to manually inputting the vehicle number and overriding it as the barcode in the vehicle is worn off, and as such, there was no data available for me. Can anyone confirm/deny this?
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    Data is being compiled but it sounds like the DIAD cannot be linked to the PC. I would think that after a few days of this your mgt team will figure out what is going on and your PC barcode will be replaced and you will be scanning this new barcode and waiting for your stack of paperwork along with the rest of us.
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    That's not true. The barcode in my truck is too worn to scan so I have to manually enter the vehicle number. I show up on the reports all the time. Maybe you had an event free day or telematics is not installed on your truck.We have a few that they didn't install the system on.
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    I don't know if this is a local glitch or nationwide, but in my building, if you enter a second trip in the DIAD, then there is "no info" available for the day. Do you have a second trip, Bigmistake? :confused2:
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    So...what happens when my new workhorse is telling me to put on my seat belt. Even when it is on?

    Lol....think the mechanics can keep up with repairs now?
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    The best way to "defeat" telematics....is for the work group to stand united and refuse to be intimidated or bullied by the harassment.

    If every single driver who was confronted with Telematics data simply refused to participate in the discussion...management would have nothing to do but walk around in circles and talk to themselves.

    "I dont recall" and "I cannot comment on the validity of your work measurements"....are the ONLY two responses we should offer when confronted with Telematics data.

    Do not validate the process by participating in it.
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    The blinking red light on the dash and that irritating beeping doesn't have anything to do with telematics. That just a factory reminder to fasten the seat belt.
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    The only way to "ghost" off telematics is simple. First, dont download EDD for the day, second, dont scan the vehicle barcode.

    Without the EDD , the system cannot follow you or record trace of any kind.

    You will have to do the job OLD SCHOOL, and hopefully you are skilled enough to do this, if not dont try it.

    If you are a senior driver, you can do this successfully each and everyday.

    This works and has been demonstrated to the company.. EDD is not required to be downloaded at this point, but somewhere in the future it will be.

    I wouldnt try it if you are not familiar with pure 3/40 methodology.

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    I don't really worry about it anymore. I do my job the way I was taught. No one is perfect. Sure I probably leave the bulk head door open once or twice a day or don't back first but I don't consistantly do it.

    But I guess if your one of those drivers that leaves the bulk head door open to save time or likes to stop complete while driving then worry about it. If you did your job like your where taught and take your hour lunch and two 10 mintue breaks each day management would see that they can't keep adding stops to your route and expect you to be in early.
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    You have not posted on the experience in your center in a little while. Are you being harrassed and bullied?

    As an Automotive tool, it seems to be working very well. Breakdowns are much reduced.

    As a safety measure, it seems very good as a whole. Significant improvement and change in behavior. We are greater than 99.8% seat belt usage now.

    I always felt that using it for performance analysis would be difficult and the hardest to properly achieve.

    So what is the latest on the west coast?

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    we are being harassed were i am at.
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    What are they doing?
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    I personally am not being harrassed or bullied for the simple reason that I refuse to participate in conversations about the data. Management has basically decided it is not worth the hassle of talking to me. Plus I am not significantly overallowed.

    Other drivers are being harrassed. Every morning, our sups wander around before during and after the PCM with clipboards full of Telematics printouts. They confront drivers about "overallowed" stops and delays, and instances where the vehicle moved 6 inches with the bulkhead door open or the DIAD not in its holder. They confront them for "excessive" backing. They confront them about being less than 85% on trace....they confront them about + or - 15 minutes on pickup times. They confront them for being overallowed and they confront them for being an underload.

    It is impossible not to appear on a report. Any action you take to get off of one report will simply cause you to appear on another one. No matter how hard we try or how well we do our jobs there will always be some element that management will bitch about.

    We have come to believe that, in these times of layoffs, management is simply justifying their own continued employment with UPS by inventing problems where none previously existed in order to then take "credit" for monitoring and solving them. This helps to create the illusion that they are somehow adding value to the company.

    The new management philosophy seems to be...that if you cant actually do anything then the next best choice is to create a statistic, proclaim it to be important, track it, put it on to a report, and find a way to manipulate it. Hopefully this "accomplishment" will allow you to survive for yet another day.

    I'd rather just deliver packages and provide service.
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    Alas! Finally some brains have seen the same as I witness. This is how management creates new positions but not to worry they don't last long.
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    ...............................................Yup,, and here is the nutty part,,im one of those silly drivers THAT STILL DOES SORT HIS LOAD FRONT TO BACK AFTER AIRS AND FINDS EDD USELESS..yup,,i never run overallowed and i find edd to be useless ,, yet corporate IE and the power brokers still feel the majority of drivers are to dumb/dishonest to represent UPS a post from Brown ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    It's amazing to me what all of you Brown Boys and Girls don't get it. YOUR SCREWED. With the advent of Telematics the company always knows where you are, and can always make an assumption as to what you should be doing. It's a simple matter for them to track you down. They can always make any assumption they want, as to what you should be doing, and what you are actually doing. They have any, and every ability to harass you for anything and everything.
    If you do not think they intend to do just that, YOU ARE A FOOL!
    They have you all scared out of filing nine-fives. They have you all scared out of raising your hand for any reason. If you waste your time on the Brown Cafe, they will tell you the attempt is benign, to create a safe work environment, and is a benefit for them as well as you.
    The system has been put in to eliminate supervisors, and the push is on to harass every one of you. It is happening every day. If you are a 2 hour over driver, they will come to see you on area, and you will be harassed for every fly speck of **** they can find. It's happening every day folks. Run your area as if that sup. is sitting there, because he is! It's all about production!
    If you listen to the jerks on the Brown Cafe that tell you otherwise, you are simply a fool waiting for the other shoe to drop. Those are supervisors fighting to justify their existence. Within five years, most of them will be gone, or they will be reduced to diaper wearing, drooling idiots. (I think they are already that, but some of them chose to argue the point.) If you are a driver, and you think my description of life at UPS is false, then say so. Meanwhile I intend to sit back and watch the Sups. get trashed, and you get harassed. Do I sound bitter. You bet.
    You people simply won't listen!
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    poor water on the telematics box in your truck it works everytime :)
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    calling drivers on their cell phone saying they r putting on 2 many miles. they back 2 many times to much times between stops. they are not taking lunch on trace, and on and on
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    then you don't answer your phone when you are working. Not supposed to be on the phone and driving at the sae time anyway.
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    Calling them on their cell phones to tell them what they did wrong yesterday? I think that's very bad.