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  1. killamjl

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    Well Im a new full time driver (1 year in) and have been wearing a pair of sketchers steal toe boots forever. I like them cause they fit well, lightweight (for a steal toe), and have great traction.

    Anyway, even though I like my shoes they defintaly wear down my feet and was wondering if anyone found a really comfortable brand or in-sole. Im a bit flat footed and this job is rough on your feet obviously, so Im not looking for the miracle shoe but still would like to know what you guys/gals are using out there.
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    My on road sup told me about Rockport shoes. So I bought a pair ..... and love them. Kinda pricey but you can get some good deals off the net.
  3. scratch

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    I wear some brown Rockport hiking shoes. They are lightweight and feel comfortable on my feet. You can find them on sale all over the place, usually run 70-80 dollars. They last me about 4-5 months, I'm bad on the heels.
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    I would definitely have to say the Ecco Flexors are the best shoe I've ever worn. I've had em all and these shoes are just light,sturdy, and really comfortable. I also think that they hold up the best out of any shoe I've had. I know that if you buy them at theWalkingCompany.com... you can get a UPS discount of 20%. I will wear these shoes for the rest of my career guaranteed.:thumbup1:[​IMG]
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    If you are flat-footed or losing your arch you may want to try orthotics. These are custom made for your foot and not what you buy off the shelf at Wal-Mart.
    Our insurance pays a significant portion of the bill.
    A relative is a nurse who is on her feet 12+ hours a day. She says her feet hurt significantly less to almost not at all since she got her orthotics.
  6. Dirty Savage

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    My first summer at UPS I wore a pair of Dr. Marten's shoes. So very well made and comfortable but damned expensive. I still have them, actually.

    The next two summers I cheaped-out and bought shoes from Walmart and other discount stores and man, you really do get what you pay for. I don't think I ever had a pair of Walmart shoes last beyond three weeks before the soles fell off.

    This summer I bought a pair of Columbia's and they have lasted me up until this point and show no signs of falling apart. Very lightweight and comfortable. Cost me $110 though.

    The problem for me is that I take a size 13 and finding nice looking brown shoes is somewhat challenging. Black is less of a problem but I personally think black shoes with the brown uniform looks bad on me.
  7. govols019

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    I love my Rockports.
  8. Cementups

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    I personally will never use rockports for this job again. I bought Rocks as my first pair of shoes as a driver since they were recommended to us in driver school. I had them blown out in about 2-3 weeks. never again.

    I'll stick to my Nikes
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    :thumbup1: Don't buy cheap shoes! Wolverine, Redwing, Rockport etc, all make good sturdy comfortable boots. Can't tell you what to wear, but I use Wolverine boots, light, good cushion soles, as far as how long they'll last, depends on the person. This job eats up most soles in about 4-6 months.
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    Everbody's feet are different for sure. If you are having problems then see a podiatrist. Orthotic inserts can make a difference. After all, your feet take the most punishment. Your ankles, knees,hips and even back can be affected by your feet. I wear 6-8 inch high boots year round for the ankle support. I prefer Rockys, but that is a matter of personal taste. Management won't let me wear shorts with these boots, but I really don't mind because I wear winter pants all year long ( Frustrates a lot of dogs).
  11. labels_up

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    I wear a pair of Red Wings steel toes. Work in the hub, but I double shift so I spend (almost) as much time in my boots as some of you driver guys (and I wore them when doing driver helper last peak.)

    Very comfortable, are still holding up well after almost a year, plenty of ankle support, and Red Wings gives UPS'ers a discount (15-20% I think). They will even clean your shoes for free if you bring them into the store.

    Downside is they are expensive ($120 w/discount and tax), but I remember them being so comfortable they didn't require a painful breaking in like the last (cheap) pair of boots I bought.