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  1. I went for my interview two weeks ago, I was then scheduled for a road test which I passed, medical which I passed, drug test I passed... my question is will they disqualify me for a minor at fault accident a few months ago where no one was hurt and minimal damage? I disclosed this info at my interview and yet they still sent me for my road test, medical, and drug test....
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    Did they make a copy of your drivers license at your interview? If so, they most likely requested an abstract of your driving record and saw nothing worth worrying about.
  3. yes they did, I also brought a copy of my abstract with me, I wanted to be upfront and not waste their time
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    Tell us more about the "minor accident"
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    Don't know where you are at but they don't do drug test on package and usually accidents don't count towards you driving , but moving violations do
  6. it was on the abstract, and I explained that legally I was at fault even though I did not cause the accident
  7. vehicle in front of me suddenly stopped at a green light as they were going through, I braked and bumped them, they claimed light red. minor damage to both vehicles and no ticket issued, I also have no moving violations in about 15 years
  8. at the physical I also took a piss test for the drug test
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    Did they tell you it was a drug test or you guessed because you pee in a cup
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    It was not a drug test.
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  11. oh I thought it was
  12. my mistake I thought drug test, I thought accident would automatically disqualify
  13. what's the piss test for
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    Make sure youre the gender you put on the form.
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  15. I see
  16. would they send you to the road test, and physical if they had no intention of potentially hiring you knowing of said accident?
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    The accident is not going to hurt you , moving violations hurt you and it was in your personnel car so it won't keep you from driving
  18. thank you
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    I thought it was something to do with the diabetes. I too originally thought it was a drug test
  20. yeah you'd think they'd tell you what its for