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    For better or worse --the main topic of the newsrooms today --Martin --Zimmerman. Why does a Moderator --just decide to close a very active thread -Show Closed ????:wink2:
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    Frikken Mods.....

    Also goes into witness Jeantel's feeling that she was misinterpreted, couldn't be understood by adults, etc.
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    Piers Morgan's interview of Jeantel showed a totally different girl who was coached in how to act and what to say, and he tried to present her as totally different from the girl who testified at the trial. He also never asked her any tough questions about the times she kept changing her testimony and ignored that it wasn't her manner of speaking that made people critical of her. It was her attitude of disrespecting the court and acting like she just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible regardless of what happened in the trial.
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    I'm really sick of all these different groups demanding investigations of the verdict.
    If you and your group are that upset with a jury verdict, then "pony" up the money and hold your own investigation. The federal stuff is MY money and it isn't suppose to go for frivilous whims.
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    People in California are crazy.
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    You left out "bat-:censored2:" .
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    People are nutz everywhere!
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    Active thread closed Zimmerman

    I got no problem with people's right to protest but why do they always act like idiots?
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    Agreed. Meaningful protest is not an excuse for random acts of violence against innocent people.
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    Active thread closed Zimmerman

    I just don't have clue what would posses such a large group of people to destroy property and steal stuff. You'll always have a few bad apples but how it moves to the group I have no clue.

    There are currently government plans in place for the day that the haves can no longer support the have nots. The government believes the have nots will just take what they need. Causing massive riots every where. They know they don't have the man power to stop this so the government will protect a select few cities.

    Something wonderful to look forward to lol.
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    Next Angela Corey needs to face misconduct charges of how she handled the trial and her actions after she was mad about losing.
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    At least the idiots are getting arrested. That's a start. But really, for the most part it's been civil, lawful, and orderly.
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    or almost non-existent.....

    TAMPA, FL - Only three demonstrators showed up at a Justice for Trayvon Martin rally organized by the New Black Panther party near a Tampa courthouse Monday.
    The representatives with the New Black Panthers told us they scheduled a gathering in front of the George Edgecomb Courthouse on Twiggs Street to bring attention to the broken judicial system and to demand justice for Trayvon Martin.

    The activists said they felt the trial was about more than a neighborhood watch volunteer and an unarmed teenager. It was a tragic narrative on racial equality under the law, they mentioned.
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    I was predicting from the minute charges were filed that Zimmerman would be found innocent. I bet these people rioting and protesting didn't watch the trial, look at the evidence, or read the testimony. They just took the media narrative that Zimmerman was guilty and are now upset that the truth came to light. This was a politically motivated prosecution and nothing more. There was a reason the original DA didn't file charges.

    I'm also wondering why the original thread was closed. This is a current event and the conversation was staying perfectly civil. This should continue to get discussed regardless of how uncivil the Martin supporters become.
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    I don't agree with this guy, but he brings up a good point about the government and media both exploiting this case.
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    Here is my take on this...

    A thug, that should have called the police, was shot by a neighborhood watchman, who should have listened to the police, because he went MMA on him and went too far.
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    its all about the hoodie. It makes people look like criminals.