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    When your dumb dispatch sups do the add cuts do they put yours in order in your trace or do they just dump them into the 8000 section and expect you to make your own route? When it is a route I know it's not as annoying but when covering a route I don't know it's always nice finding 8 businesses in the 8000 section then being told it's your fault because you should have seen it while sorting your truck....
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    Amen! I HATE ADD CUTS!!! Everything is the drivers fault!
  3. iruhnman630

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    They are even sending us messages around 2:30 to check for misloads and 'suprises'
  4. brostalss

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    When I get a split off a car they cut, they are so thoughtful and put it on the 1000 shelf. Now I have to work around it half the day.
  5. jumpman23

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    Precisely the reason why i reload my truck every morning. Idiot dispatchers and super idiot loaders. Yeah i know whats coming, your stupid for working for free. You could say that but i get that 45 min to an hour back through the day, bulljivin with customers or takin a quick break for a snack or a couple min on internet on phone. Im tellin ya its makes your day so much easier. No stress at all cause you know exactly where everything is at. You can go at a nice relaxed pace all day and not have to waste time looking for stuff all day. Add the fact that if you have to skip over a few things for an air or special account you can do it with ease cause your all set up super fatty in your truck. Im not lazy just a lil extra effort to have a stress free day for myself. WORD lol.
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    They send message here to check for misloads so at 12:30 ill go through my entire truck. If it takes 25 mins so be it. When they ask why there is 25 mins of dead time I tell them I am working as instructed and looking for misloads.
  7. 3 done 3 to go

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    We have it loaded in our 8000 section here. You should be on the clock . While sorting. I don't get edd till start time. Just sort the1000 and 2000 while I wait for the areas next to me to move. Because I'm behind a pole. Around noon after my one bulk stop. I sort my shelves. Takes 10-15 mins. At most. Then I know what I've got for the rest of the day. So when I see a customer in town I flag em down. Some days I can save 20-30 miles. Just with 2 or 3 stops I remember sorting. It will save you time. And make you money
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    Don't worry, ORION will solve all!
  9. Brownslave688

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    But as long as u work for free there is ZERO incentive to fix it. At least I u raise hell and put load quality unacceptable there is a slight chance something could get done.

    Load quality unacceptable is one of the biggest tools we have. If I use it I notice the next day my load is better and often time the PT sups are even asking how it is. This puts them on a report and they perk up when it's used. I encourage all to use this tool.
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    What I did months ago was go through my truck and look for misloads then continue on my day following EDD. When I came across a business after 5 I would call the center and ask how they wanted it sheeted. At first I would get the third degree about how I should have known it was a business then I would reply I thought the people worked from home. After a month I didn't have anymore business splits without being told about them before I left the building and I would break trace at 230 to deliver them, Fridays have been easy OT since then.
  11. jumpman23

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    Aint nothing going to get done about it. They dont train people right anyway. Been like this forever with the loads and dispatches. Almost point of no return now really. Nobody cares and thats precisely the problem. I aint going to lie to ya place ran like garbage. Place is old and too small. Ghetto :censored2: center thats for sure. Life goes on right. Same ole stale saltine crackers lol.
  12. FilingBluesFL

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    Sometimes it's thrown in the back on the floor, sometimes they're nice enough to put it on a shelf.

    Whichever way, it gets done at the place it is in the board, as I'm instructed to do it.

    I had an add/cut one day, where they added stuff to the route. The very last 3 stops were a small strip mall. When I got there, everything was closed, and it was sheeted as missed. I hadn't been in that area in a while, and most of that road, minus that strip, is all houses, so how am I suppos'ed ta know?! Asked the on-road, "That should have never been put on you..." Well, it was, and that's the price you pay.
  13. jumpman23

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    Once again managers create the problems and the real supervisors(the drivers)bail them out and solve the problems they create. End of story, just the facts jack lol. Kinda makes you wonder why they even have supervisors huh.
  14. Brownslave688

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    What's sad is if we don't fix their mistakes we end up getting fired and having to fight for our jobs back.

    If u actually were to hold management accountable I would say 90% of all management from at least district manager down should be fired. All they do is follow directives from above. Talk about a job that pretty much anyone can do. That's it.
  15. superballs63

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    I had a nice add/cut route today. It was about 40% what it should have been, the other 60% of which were splits that I knew to differing degrees. Worked just under 11 and had 3 missed business stops. I can't wait til Monday morning :D
  16. _Mayday_

    _Mayday_ Yes Really

    First, business shouldn't be moved willie nillie, only resi. Perhaps there was some exception like a normal bid route was cut due to a train missing. If it wasn't an extreme case it sounds like poor dispatching. I wonder if you have this happen on a regular basis?

    I would love to shed some light on how add cuts work! Knowledge is power!
    When you make a cut you have 3 options
    BEG, DOL, END.
    As an example, if I am cutting 20 resi stops from 22A to 22B if I select BEG it will throw all that work in the front, before all air/business. That's dumb and "obviously" not the right option. If I select DOL and the loop flows properly it will put this additional work in front or as the start of the 22B's normal resi. This should be the correct option, again if the loop is written decently. Lastly I can just say screw it and select END cause I don't care this will put the work at back, 8000 shelf and not be the right move. This is the perfect scenario and as we all know UPS doesn't like to be too effective.

    Addcuts get complicated and messy FAST!
    Let's say you are the 23C route and I need to give you those 20 resi stops from 22A. The wonderful DMS system sees 22 is before 23, so those 20 stops will be put in some silly spot that makes zero sense. Often the best option is to assign it END. Another thing that screws this process up is parts of the route being air then ground and other parts air and ground together, DMS just doesn't understand it.

    Personally whenever I addcut and the work ends up in a stupid spot I make sure to give that driver a heads up...hey you have this split on the XXXX shelf, sorry.

    TL,DR: You can't always assign the work in the right dol (edd) order, but usually you can assign it to a specific spot. If you encounter a problem especially reoccurring just let your dispatcher know. I really appreciate it when I mess something up and driver tells me so I'll be aware for the next time and problems can be fixed/avoided. You can't fix something you don't know it's broken.
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  17. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Why can't you alter certain number breaks in a DOL? For example: we want to run the even side of the main street in a neighbourhood but the odd on the way out.
  18. jumpman23

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    same shiznit different day with the poor dispatches. Having a zillion plans dont help the situation thats for sure. They dont care so i dont care. They can put whatever they want on there and as many stops as they want. Same result every day, ROCK A BYE BABY! lol.
  19. laffter

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    In preload, I get a "junk" route for my third car most of the week. This route can have delivery areas scattered throughout various parts of the metro area. It's usually strictly residential, but sometimes it can have businesses on it, or even bulk business stops (40-100 pieces). Even more rarely, they'll throw businesses in the middle of later shelves (6000's, for instance). Sometimes I'll catch these (like a random Bank of America) and put them up front for the driver to see.

    Anyway, it's standard protocol to have splits taken off of or placed onto this route anywhere from -10 to 60 minutes before the end of the sort. If splits are put on it, they are usually PAL'd to the 1200's or 8600-8900's- sometimes both. If there's room, which is rare, I'll put them on the shelf. If the shelves are already packed beyond capacity, I'm forced to place them under ... any shelf that has space, in the best bricked order I can. When coverage drivers come by to look at the route, I make it my duty to tell them of this split.

    Loading can be stressful, but when the sort goes down, the stress level goes down, for me anyway. There's no reason why the preloader can't take 30 seconds to let the driver know what dispatch has fubared this time.
  20. _Mayday_

    _Mayday_ Yes Really

    You absolutely can write the loop this way. Every address has a sequence number assigned to it creating the order. DMS follows that order rain or shine. If your route needs to be re-written that happens in the DPS system, DPS is where plans are altered before preload starting. Your dispatcher gets measured on how well trace is followed they should want it to flow as best as possible and be willing to change it.