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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by bwattsgcc, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. bwattsgcc

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    Did anyone notice the change in the Adult Signature pop up screen that we are now required to verify the age of recipient, instead of photo ID may be required.
  2. It's due to some new laws regarding the delivery of alcohol and tobacco. You have to make a positive confirmation of the recipient's age... I would assume that's what the over-21 signature request would be used the most for.
  3. speeddemon

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    And Im sure they put that allowance in there for us too.
  4. wornoutupser

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    Signature required?

    I either DR my business stops or they get missed...

    Who needs a signature? Ask my manager!
  5. dannyboy

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    "I either DR my business stops or they get missed...

    Who needs a signature? Ask my manager!"

    ANd that is why customers like me get corrections charged to my bill. I send out a shipment going to a business and YOU decide that you will DR the package? And then hide behind your manager because you dont have the balls to stand up against something that is wrong?

    Some drivers just like taking the easy way out.

    HEy stupid. Do the right thing. IF there is no one around to sign for the packages, use signed delivery notice. Then in the clarification screen type in SOF. That stands for signature on file.

    That way I get what I pay for and dont get charged extra, and you are covered should a claim arise.

    I have 40-50 of these on file for my customers, and one of the largest gets 20-120 a day, each day. Havent had a signature on any but the ones that had to have it.

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    not for sure you are covered there danny, a commerical(business) stop requires a signature in our center. a signed delivery notice on file means nothing.
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    also "Adult Signature Required" means just that, signature at time of delivery not a delivery notice that has been signed.
  8. dannyboy

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    Actually it does. That is a legal notice that the customer signs allowing the driver to leave the packages without a daily signature.

    As for signature required stickers, that is exactly what the driver must have. No delivery notices allowed as you pointed out.

    As I have posted, I guess I have left over 250,000 packages at various delivery stops without ever having a problem over the last 9-10 years, all on signed delivery notices. Makes it a win win for both the customer and UPS.

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    We get paid by the hour to have a physical signature not a SOF. Take the time to walk over to your customer and ask how their day is going while you attain that signature. Thats only good PR or BS what ever you want to call it.
  11. dannyboy

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    "thats only good PR or BS what ever you want to call it."

    IF you give the customer what they want, that is the best PR there is. IF the customer requests that you do not take personel away from their job to sign for the packages, if the customer requests that you do not stroll all over the high security area looking for a live body, what are you going to do, ignore what they ask for?

    Try not coping the "you get paid by the hour" crap. I do. But what the customers needs are factor into what I deliver. And if they need me to leave the packages without the signature (business stops without a signature required sticker) then that is what they get.

    And the SOF is the way to go instead of using DR which is wrong.

  12. ups_gal_710

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    I'm not coping anything DB. Just hope your method doesn't come back to bite you one day when the customer who shipped the pkg is looking for a signature because he needs proof of Delv not SOF.

    Every driver or center/hub has different ways of doing business and if yours works for you then knock yourself out ol boy.
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    They have just made a house on my route signature only. The guy runs his construction business out of his home but there is no office and obviously he is out constucting what ever it is he constructs all day so nobody is there. But shippers complained because I was DRing his packages to a business and they got the residential charge. Now I need a signature. The board will not let me DR his packages. I just had them sign a zillion delivery notices and it keeps everybody happy.
  14. ups_gal_710

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    If the guy doenst have an office then there is no reason to finish this stop as a commercial. My question is if your "pkg" has a signature req on it then how do you release the stop if you cant DR. The diad will not let you put SDN if it is signature req. What, do you do sign the guys name on your diad ? just wondering how you get around that need signature part.
  15. toonertoo

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    Some sig requireds will let you DR with SDN. If UPS puts it in your board, such as a high theft account it wont. Adult sig required wont work with a SDN, but sig required I think it is the level 42 that will. A8, and 35 wont. I just get a sig or already know to just put it in Will call. Businesses from the home make it touchy. They want the cheaper rate, but UPS says its a resi. But ask 5 people and you will get 5 different answers.
  16. gman

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    The board doesn't say signature required. It just will not let me DR that address. The screen comes up NO DR ALLOWED. It does not have a signature required alert. These DIAD 4 boards seem to be able to be programmed to do a lot more.

    Now if the package has a sticker or comes with a label with signature required in the bar code, then it's NI1. Your are right. You can not use a delivery notice for those.
  17. toonertoo

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    Thats how all of my theft accounts come up. I try to make sure they are not home when I finally sneak up on the porch and slap the note on the door. And run like hell back to my truck and take off. since they are thiefs, I make it real hard for them to get their stuff. Especially since one was a stereo and I handed it to the same b****** that says I never did. I even sent back some NDA checks, NI3. Right after he made the claim on the stereo. My center manager loved it. I hate a thieves and liars.
  18. ups_gal_710

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    Do you turn your truck off and coast in before you make your run for the door?

    Run Tooner Run [​IMG]
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    I do that for a/h's too. I call it "stealth mode".
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    How does one go about helping a customer attaining one of these SOF's? Does the customer have to clear some kind of procedure with Loss Prevention or can they just get it done with a phone call? That actually does sound like a win/win situation if the process can be executed like you described.

    The contractor that's never there and the business out of the home where IS the trend and it's probably here to stay. I'm all for it if it makes it more convenient for driver and recipient. Not to mention saving time and money...