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  1. [HR][/HR]I was told today that I could potentially be in a class by Jan . I now work on Preload and have to be up at 3 AM . I find myself getting sleepy at times on the way to work as it is . I also realize that I will be at the bottom of the list and will more than likely get a route in the wee hours of the morning from NC , to WV . My biggest worry is getting sleepy while driving . I fear for my safety as well as those around me . SO my question is , is there any tricks or advice on keeping myself awake and alert should I get through the class and make it in ?
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    You'll be a bottom feeder. Odds are you'll start in the late afternoon to night. Either you will need to manage your sleep accordingly or opt to stay out of feeder.
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    You most likely be a cover driver if your that low on the list and your times will vary week to week ,,,
    If you do get a rte. that would be easier to develop a sleep, pattern, every
    one is different.
    I go in at 9pm and usually home by 8/830 I stay up till about 1230 then go to bed till its time for work
    Get at least 6 to 7 hrs of sleep if not more,
    Put dark curtains up in the bedroom
    Try taking melotin (natural sleep aid) before bed
    Have kids play in room far from yours lol That was killer for me back in the day
    If its nice out do some yard work in the am before bed,gets you tired (frees up weekend)
    when on the road stay focused, keep eyes moving ,sometimes a talk show on the radio helps
    crank up ac and radio when tired
    Most important don't push your limits, pull off if too tired and grab a coffee and quick walk around the rig, this helps !!
    Good Luck to you !!
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    Melatonin might help too. Lol? (Humor attempt)
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    I took 4 and couldn't read the label LOL ,LOL
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    Full disclosure- ran upstairs and checked the spelling on the bottle that I have. Lol
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    Bottom feeder- that is funny considering the thread. Lol
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    If you do a lot of late night internet surfing or goofing off on your smartphone, try downloading f.lux: f.lux: software to make your life better

    The blue light from electronic devices will screw up your sleep cycle. F.lux adjusts the colors available on your screen to be "warmer" as the night goes on, mimicking sunset. If you work a second job, switching to FT will probably give you a more "regular" schedule as well.

    Also, you'll probably be put on the yard for the first month or two to give you time to adjust to the equipment and a FT schedule. A friend of mine just made book in feeders (on his first attempt, which is pretty rare) and he's been on the yard for the last two months shifting for his 8 hours/day. His advice to me should I ever bid into feeders was thus: "Just go slow, they won't hassle you in feeders because they know you're getting adjusted. After the two months, it's just like 'going to work' for me now instead of worrying about driving a giant truck."

    If you don't drink coffee, I suggest you start.

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    Sex helps for sleep also. Especially with someone else.
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    With someone else? Is that possible????
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    Sometimes I get the wife drunk and she forgets who she's in bed with.
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    Unfortunately, clarification was necessary for my Local, but too late to help one individual.
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    Six months into feeders and it STILL feels like a giant truck....which is probably a good thing! One thing to remember in feeders is that unlike the package division you cannot make up time in feeders you can only lose time. I still have some days where the old package car mentality creeps in. It will probably take you awhile to get adjusted to the lifestyle but the end result will be worth it!
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    If you want to stay alive you will stay awake. If you roll a set of doubles in a ditch you will be dead. That should keep you awake. Just man up and you will be fine. Eat healthy and exercise.

    Feeling like crap in feeders is normal. So be prepared to feel like crap. Its just part of the job. The guys with 35 years of service feel great because they have killer mileage runs and can walkout the gate any time they want and retire unless they got screwed in a bad divorce or got some young bitch pregnant.
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    you will always get tired around 3am till 5am no matter how much sleep you get

    I always use my lunch hour to sleep, or if i need more time i will use another hour (just log as lunch) if needed
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    I used to eat a raw fruit when I would get sleepy.
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    Me too- but I will not give out her name. Lol?
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    It's required you gain 20 pounds before going into feeders.
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    You ask the question, and only you can answer it. Every feeder department around has different situations. Some big, some small. Where I am, you would be lucky to get out of the yard. Being tired isn't even an issue if your job is working in a spotter. It is very hard to be drowsy when you work in a yard. Drowsy happens on long, dark highways. Check that, it happens on any highway. Sometimes, the worst time is after the sun comes up. You just never know on the road.

    And you might have no problem sleeping during the day. You might sleep a solid eight hours a day. Then, come 3, 4, 5 in the AM, you will hit the wall. Then, sometimes, you will barely get 3 or 4 hours sleep during the day. You awake and KNOW that you will have troubles that night. But then, you don't. You're wide awake, and you don't know why.

    If you're lucky enough to get a road job...welcome to the club. We're still trying to figure it out.

    What I can say, is you should definitely try to get your sleep. If you have trouble keeping awake, then bite the bullet. Pull over and take a nap. Even if you've already taken your meal. Yeah, you'll be sleeping on your time, but you won't be crashing on anyone's time.

    Ever since I've been back in feeders, I've constantly bumped heads with management about taking my meal at my turn-around hubs. They've always insisted that I take my meal during the turn-around.

    Why? Because there is a good reason? Haha, you're funny.

    No, because they say so.

    As of yet, I've won ever fight about this. I've filed a few grievances and won, and I've taken said meal On-Property.

    The reason I don't want to take my meal during the turn-around is because you are rarely tired during the TA. After all, you are breaking equipment down, going into the hub, getting your return are alert then. But one, maybe two hours later, on the road, you hit a wall. Ideally, this is the time to take your meal(NAP).

    If I'm forced to take my meal On-Property, I can guarantee everyone alive that my TA will be longer than if I take my meal on the road. Read into to that all you want, but I can promise you that my safety, and the equipment I'm responsible for is my main priority.

    Here is the bottom line: if the preload box is going to be late, or you are going to risk nodding off getting it there on time (according to the On-Time Network), then fire me for being late instead of getting fired for crashing by falling asleep. One can be defended, and the other is a visit to the panel.

    And we all know how the latter story ends.

    Choose wisely.
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    She starts moaning Cove be my mastah !!!