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    After 4 years of $.35/6month raise increases, what wage increases should a part timer expect under the current contract. I didn't see anything in the contract about what wage increases I should expect to receive after my 4th year part time.
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    One million dollars.
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    I'll take it
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    You should net about $20 extra every 6 months, that's minimum. Depends on how many you claim on your w-4. Don't get caught up in your raises cause you won't last. You will get frustrated and look for greener pastures. After your 5th or 6th year the money gets better with sat air opportunities and or double shifting, etc. Like what one of the members tag line or whatever it is says: Show Up, Keep Up, Shut Up. I couldn't agree more.
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    Are you sitting down?


    After the forth year of the Part-time Progression, you advance to the fifth year of the Part-time Progression.

    Really. It's a five year progression.

    And part-timers who reach Seniority after August 1, 2008 aren't eligible for the split raises every six months; not until they are out of Progression.
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    Hmm, my supe told me it'll be bout .70/yr raise my first 4 years. .50 raise after completion of my first year
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    Get A copy of it with your rider. Than go to Article 22 Section 5 Wages (a) Part time employees and read it. If you don't have a copy or can't get one here is a link UPS Contracts and Supplements | Teamsters for a Democratic Union
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    And Cheryl has a permanently posted link under Union issues, first thread.
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    Or Article 22 Section 5 (b) if you attained Seniority after August 1, 2008.