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  1. Here is my situation.
    I have been a ups empplyee for 7 years. My first 6 were part time and this last year was a cover driver. When I started as a cover driver I was told that I was at the bottom of the list. And that I was in the same classification as the other cover drivers in the building. With a new cover driver senoirty date. At the bottom of the list.
    I was also told at that time that If I bid on a run that my senority date from 7 years ago goes into place and I will bid over all the other cover drivers in my center. My question is this, is this true? And If I do get the bid will I become a full time driver. My shop steward has no clue. Hopefully someone in here will.
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    my understanding it is seniority by driving date no totaltears working.If you have driving seniority you could get the bid, if someone else has lesser worked time but more driving time they will have the bid over you.It's srtaight driving time seniority
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    of course that can very by riders and where in the country you happen to be
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    I believe Mittam is right. You have Senority by the job title, not your start time with the company. On the plus side, your P/T years do count when you pick your vacations.
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    Here in upstate NY it is common practice for part time employees to move into a cover driver position and their part time seniority is retained for the purpose of getting a bid route as compared to someone who comes off of the street to become a cover driver. As per the last contract I believe that the ratio is 6 to 1 inside hire to outside for achieving full time seniority, so that being said the cover driver who did his/her time as a part time employee would have a much greater chance of becoming full time seniority over someone who was hired as a cover driver off of the street even though they may have more driving time than the person who was previously part time.
  6. Yes, im in upstate Ny too xracer and thats what I was told. But what Im told and what UPS actually does are two different things.
    Im hoping that you and they are right that I should get this bid route.
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    Cover drivers do not get bid runs. If you did, you would be full time. In Alabama, a cover driver can not bid a route.
  8. Isnt that the only way a cover driver can become full time, if he bids on a route and gets it?
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    Maybe alabama means that you can only bid to cover unassigned routes, you have to be full-time to bid on a bid route. The problem with dealing with certain issues on this board is that different parts of the country have different contract supplements. Too bad everyone isn't covered under the same rules.
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    Here is upstate NY you can also gain your full time seniority as a bid cover driver, and as always this varies by center and the management team that is currently in charge. Currently in our center we have 28 bid routes and 4 bid cover routes, all of these drivers are all full time seniority and have equal benefits depending upon the years of seniority they have.
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    yea scratch_king it would be so much easier if we all had the same contract.Hopefully the APWA will addess this and make our lives better.
    It would be nice if we were all paid the same for the same job.It would also be nice to pay people enough to make them want to consider ups as a new full time driver has to wait 2 1/2 years before he reaches top rate.I think this is excessive.If the employee has proven he(she) can do the job 6 months should be enough.Its a big cash grab by ups so they can save money.Dont get me wrong,I`m a 16 yr vet and I know how hard the job is,and I also know how hard preload and the rest of the part timers work for very little pay.After a high school kid works a week at ups,and finds out that wendys pays more and the job is so much easier...why should he(she) stay?
    I`m at top rate here and I get $22.44 CDN...thats a lot less than you yankees make,to do the same job.The new guys here are at around $11.50 CDN for almost 3 years to do the same job.IMHO