Agent Country Becoming JV

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by tdeviltaz69, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. tdeviltaz69

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    does any one know whether agent country under SG region will become JV?
  2. Raw

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    Are you asking if Stargate-1 will become a joint venture broker?
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    I have not heard of an existing agent in a country in the Asia/Pac Rim region being bought by UPS (our normal approach) or UPS starting up Brown operations (not normal) in order to change status of a country to Joint Venture.
    It would have to be a good deal and, of course, in a country where government regulations would allow either approach.

    If you are in the Asia Pac, you probably know of anything happening better and sooner than anyone on here.
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  7. tdeviltaz69

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    Thank you all for the comments. Hoaxter thank you for the info. we have recently been audited by a team from our region office. they were more interested in where and how we spent our operational expenditure. far as my understanding it is not usual for UPS does not intervene unless they were interested in JV. i have spoke with a person who handles our country but he expressed that JV is a corporate decision and Region has no control. it seems a little bogus and possibility is that he did not want to revel the true info due to confidentiality. that's why i was wondering.
    just a pointer UPSSCS was a JV operation now they have changed to agent operation. where as UPS SP is agent operation and just may become a JV operation in Asia pacific.