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    Found this in some paperwork I had saved. I was looking for some of the support paperwork to try and get the retirement issue fixed.

    For you new guys, we used a time card while we were on paper. The rest you should be able to figure out on your own.

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    That brings back memeories.... I remember doing a base route and Id have to staple 3 timecards together to account for all the delivery areas I did!
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    Amazing how every UPS truck in the country is parked from 1200-1300! LOL!!
  4. over9five

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    Wait a minute. You did FIVE HUNDRED AND THIRTY stops that day????
    PLUS p/us???
    And took your hour???
    I salute you.
  5. dannyboy

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    Those were the packages. Stops were 411 with 17 pickups. Had helpers, their time shows under the code 6.

    The truck was parked for an hour. The helpers feasted on pizza while I set up the stops and started sheeting. We usually parked under a street light or pulled under a gas station light to sheet up the stops after dark.

    100288 (look at the mileage) is still around. It is a real peice of s**t, but at this time it was one of the newest and best we had. P1000 with no power anything and the first step needed a step ladder. But it beat the hon cars that we had at that time.

    I had more stops in one day, but I also had more helpers. Best day I ever had was a 8.2 hour day, 450 stops and 23 hours helper time. Sup said I could not have more helper time then what I had on road. Hehehe Didnt take long for me to figure out the numbers. Beat the standards by almost 12 hours that day. One hour driver time was equal to 3.5 hours helper time.

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    That's a good piece of history.
  7. dammor

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    That was an interesting flash back. I found some old delivery notices from way back also. Packrats?[​IMG]
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    You did an outstanding job that day.

    I have one question, since you have the time card, how did you get paid for that days work?

    Did you turn it in, and if you did, how did you get it back?
  9. Danny...you failed to mention, not only did we have that time card, but had to make sure all the cod money was right when we checked in.We had to make change out of our pockets with our money if we was paid in cash.
  10. local804

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    Thats for sure, how about dropping our paychecks.
  11. omegaman

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    You set up stops and sheeted on your lunch hour?
    Tsk Tsk
  12. toonertoo

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    Wow am I impressed, but you guys get an hour for lunch!!!!??????????
  13. proups

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    No missed pickups, either!
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    AN hour for lunch??? If I want to get home in time to see my kids before they go to sleep, Ive always got to work a code 5. Dispatch is always too heavy.
  15. local804

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    Work code 5, isnt that the code for a part time air driver???????Speeddemon, we all want to spend time with our family.With you having the "think of myself attitude" and only working 4 hours, it makes it tough for everyone else to get in at a good hour.Try working a full day and lighten up some of your workers loads.If you want to work pt hours, why dont you leave FT and go tp PT. I can tell by your posts you are a very stingy person who needs a reality check.Open your eyes son...
  16. dannyboy

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    Code 5 is actual time worked. IF you are out on road 9 hours, and take 15 minutes lunch, you get paid 8.75 hours. On code 6 you would only get paid for 8.

    This is a photo of a copy of the timecard.

    HEhehe, pack rat. I guess. I have some of the first NDA lables. Will have to photo and post.

  17. toonertoo

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    we are not allowed the luxury of skipping lunch, ie we can but they still take it out whether or not you take it. so if you skip it every day you short yourself 2 1/2 hrs a week (we get 1/2 hr)unpaid, and 2 10 minute breaks that are paid.
  18. DS

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    talk about bringing up old posts...too bad you cant read the timecard but the numbers are amazing!
  19. hoser

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    wondering if cheryl could find the image if it's backed up?
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    do danny still post on here????:confused:1