Air Driver picking up ground packages, please confirm or deny

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    I am a part time hub employee and drive Saturday Air. This past Saturday, I was sent to a UPS store and told to pick everything up, don't scan anything I was told as p/u times can't be until 3pm, I was not sent a P/U stop on my DIAD.

    I complied and picked up 409 packages, most of which were ground. Is it true I am entitled to top rate for picking up those packages? If so, can someone cite the specific article in the contract, I quickly perused it and could not get an answer. Also, 5 days to file. Is it 5 days after I did the work or 5 days after I realize I haven't been paid top rate, if I am so entitled. Do I need to request to be paid top rate or is it automatic (think I know the answer).
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    Not if you did not scan them.
  3. over9five

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    Your management team should do the right thing and pay you top rate. Have you asked them?
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    First you asked to be paid top rate.
    When they tell you no, and they will, you file under Article 40 of the National Master.
    Look up the full time steward for the package car drivers, he'll find this story very interesting.
    Be sure to call your local and talk to the business agent about this as well as your co-workers that are due the same pay.
  5. bad company

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    You are entitled cover-driver pay.

    Please also feel free to let a FT driver know that they should file a grievence for you doing that work. Should have been offered in seniority order to FT drivers.

    I just filed on my preloader (sat. air driver) working and doing the exact same thing. Except he was smart enough to call me and ask for advice and I told him to scan all pkgs picked up. I filed under articles 40, 48, 49, 58, and any others that may apply.

    Cheaters never win... you'd think management would learn.
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    You better get some sort of proof that you picked up those packages. I can just imagine you confronting management about the pickup, to which their response would be "What ground packages?". The burden of proof is on you.
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    You are entitled to full driver's pay. It should be automatic, but probably won't be.

    Scanning, or the lack thereof, has nothing to do with this issue. (Though it may raise a "falsification of documentation" issue on your boss' part, but we won't go there, 'cause we're in the Christmas Spirit.)

    You should file the grievance as soon as you are aware that you aren't being paid correctly. Try asking your steward to ask management if you will be receiving driver's pay. If he is told "no," then file. (Technically the clock starts ticking when you actually receive your incorrect pay check.)

    Incidently, 3-Day Select packages are not considered "Airs," so include them in the ground tally if there were any.
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    Are int'l standard okay to be picked up by an air driver? I was told it was okay because int'ls are a "premium service"
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    in years pasat our district had a printout for "super Saturday" which included the instructions the op relayed. if you can get a hold of one of those handouts it will be helpful! they dont want them scanned sat. due to time in transit; or so ive been told.

    i never had any issue getting the correct pay for my work... other than retaliation but for the extra money (could be double your payrate if you are still in air progression) its worth it!
  10. UPSGUY72

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    As the other have said your should have been paid full driver pay for that day.

    In the future if you told to pick up a stop and it's not in your board you go to "Unscheduled" input the information and scan the packages that need to be or the end of day or both. You scan everthing you pickup if someone tells you not to then you should be asking questions. Telling you not to scan becasue of the time is BS. Drivers pickup stops early or late all the time especially during peak.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Please keep in mind that this is a part time hub employee so giving him (bad) advice is probably not the best idea.

    Sweeps were made of larger pickup accounts on Super Saturday to lighten the load on the regular drivers on Monday. The air was handled the same as any NDA picked up on Saturdays. The ground did not go anywhere.

    He was specifically told not to scan any packages. You are advising him to do just the opposite. I wonder how much longer he would be driving on Saturdays if he chooses to follow your advice.
  12. UPSGUY72

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    His reason for being told not to scan was BS. My advise wouldn't get him fired it would be the correct thing to do. You find me one person that scanned a pickup they did when they were told not to and then got fired. I bet you I can probably find more people that didn't scan there pickups that got in trouble.

    That if he picked up a high value at the UPS store or and international just becasue a SUP says don't scan he doesn't. We scan packages so there is a chain of custody that can be tracked in the UPS system from pickups to delivery.

    I would love to see a SUP explain to a steward why Johnny was getting introuble for scanning his pickups. Better you to a Business agent
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    You should get a little pocket spiral and keep track of each day worked and things that you are told to do or not do. You have to follow their instructions (unless illegal, immoral or un-safe) but you also have the right to file a greivance to get clarrification of how the event should be done and get lost benefit that should be yours for the work. The grievance starts when you discover that you have been grieved and you ask your supervisor for reperation and are denied. You have 5 business days from that point to file with your steward. (10 business days if you are grieving about discipline against you, such as a warning letter, suspension or termination, etc.) Always try to communicate with your supervisor via the diad messages because there is a record kept ( supervisors know this and that is why they always want you to call so there is no written record of their instructions). Management will continue to violate our rights until the majority of our members get involved, informed, and start standing up for our contractual benefits. Mgt. uses the concept of percentages in everything they do.....If they can violate something and get away with it 51% of the time then they have saved 51%. Unfortunately, they get away with violations almost 100% of the time because even when they get caught the violated worker does nothing, out of apathy or fear of rocking their boat. The Union is US. A union only has power because the members stick together as a united force.. i.e. If mgt. is going to work without one of then mgt. is going to have to work without any of us. :wink2:
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe, Stucrew. Interesting first post.