Air Driver/Pre-Loader Pay Question

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    I'm a new member here and I was recently hired at UPS over a month ago. I apologize in advance if this question was asked several times.

    My question is when you move up to an Air Driver do you still get paid Air Driver wage on the days you're Pre-Loading?
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    That's what I thought, I kept receiving vague answers at work. Thanks!
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    There was nothing vague about his answer.
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    Not much gray area in that answer.
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    Nope, pretty straight forward.
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    My building has several preloaders that deliver air after the preload. We also have like seven Art 22.3 FT preload/air driver jobs. Each job has its own wage rate. Also when an air driver picks up or delivers any ground he makes top driver rate for all of his air driver time.
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    No. Separate pay. You clock in with your DIAD as an air driver and get paid X amount of wage. Pre-load, you login with your employee ID and get paid X amount of wage.
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    Okay so that's how it works. Right on. Thanks.