Air driver test contains?

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    I have tried searching this topic on here all I found was ppl only reciting the keys. What I would like help with is what does the written/driving test focus on?(all of the reading material she was given?) is it a written test or multiple choice? What are the passing scores needed for both the written and driving test? What needs to be learned for the drivers board(scanner thing). I am sure I am forgetting a question or 2 ill post it in this thread if I think of any more.we are going as far as renting a stick shift to help her brush up on it failure is not an option. :)

    My wife is currently a loader an has done the runner position during peak for 2 years now so I think she has a good chance but she is really nervous an I am planning on helping her study before her class starts and any help would much appreciated.
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    She was a helper for 2 Peaks and never used the "scanner thing"? (BTW, it's called a DIAD, which is short for Delivery Information Acquisition Device)

    She will learn everything she needs to know at driving school; however, she should know all of the DOK (Depth of Knowledge) material verbatim before she leaves for school.

    You will have a very difficult time trying to find a vehicle with a manual transmission that you can rent so that she can learn/practice how to drive a stick.
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    Thx for the fast reply she did use the DIAD but very little an does not recall how to use it. I am not over concerned about the stick part she use to port cars for Mazda just been like 10 years I just want her to feel confident about herself before going. Another thing she was told that everyday of school she is tested an if she fails any of the test she is out this time around seems a bit harsh but I don't know ether way. An we will go over the DOK material till she knows it in her sleep.

    Just has u all know this is the first step to becoming a full time driver which is a great job an a big deal for us.
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    The sad thing is they care more about memorizing the DOK than service and real safety issues.
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    They're already getting into her head. Tell her to take a deep breath (you too) and relax. At school your uniform needs to be crisp, not so hard. She will need to memorize the DOK, and be able to drive a few miles. Simple stuff - just do what they say
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    There is classes and tests to be an air driver??? This is news to me. As long as you can drive a stick shift old 800 pos around the yard, they give you a uniform and show you basics of board and that's it Things shure have changed at the new ups.
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    The sups never even would show me how to sheet up packages properly on paper. Sure heard about it when I didn't do it right.
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    A few weeks ago our regular Saturday air driver needed the day off so they scheduled a driver who had just qualified the week before. This driver only knew how to sheet packages in EDD----he had never had to go "old school"----so it took them a few minutes to teach him how to force pkgs in to the board.
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    At my center you have to have passed the on road/driving test before they let you take the class. Then you are in class being tested on DOK until you get that. Then you do computer work/ testing on the Diad. The Diad work simulates the different delivery situations you will come across. The trainer will go out with each trainee to have them demonstrate the DOK and safe handling of the package car. I would strongly suggest to ask a new driver that has made his probation to tell your wife what was expected on the driving test.
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    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers long as we can rattle off the safe methods.....following them is not enforced if it negatively affects production.
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