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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by noLateAir30, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. noLateAir30

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    I've been preloading and Air driving at my center for about a year and a half now. Just signed the bid list to go driving fulltime and got it. However, they're saying I need to take the road test and class over again. Is this right? Seems like a waste of money to fly me out of state to take the class over again. I know UPS isn't the smartest but I do know they like to save their pennies.
  2. By The Book

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    I've heard of this for part timers who are going utility/Saturday/next day air driving initially but once you've passed your dot and first road test I would think your good until your dot expires. If they want to retrain you and have you sit through another class, enjoy the time away.
  3. McGee

    McGee Well-Known Member

    That's what I had to do initially, and I was told since I already passed the dot and first road test to drive sat/utility/etc... that I am good, then was told that I may have to go back to class... then was never sent because hr said I was good... lol I told them to just let me know.

    OP- Congrats!
  4. barnyard

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    That was the way it worked in my center. Sent 2 or 3 guys to driving school twice.
  5. noLateAir30

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    Thanks y'all! I appreciate the feedback. I guess I'll just make the best of it and hopefully learn something new.
  6. Overpaid Union Thug

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    If you've already been to driver training then there is no need to go again unless you were disqualified during your 30 days qualification packet.


    This is UPS we are talking about here so don't be surprised if you have to go again. If they want to waste time and money (which they won't hesitate to do <Integrad and ORION are prime examples>) by sending you through it again then thats on them. I'd raise hell about it though if I were you because you have to consider the fact that you could fail out of the class. Especially in Integrad where it seems like those pricks won't hesitate to flunk people out. It would suck to get dropped by some uppity management reject that's confusing their role with that of a drill sergeant.
  7. McGee

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    There was a couple of guys now that I think about it were in my class for the second time . They were told since hey were seasonal that's why they had to go.
  8. Brownslave688

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    Just FYI the pace is about a thousand times faster than air driving.
  9. McGee

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    Oh yes I know, did it last year and you better believe you will work your a** off In and out of that truck hundreds of times a day, wear and tear on your body.
  10. jbg77

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    If you were a cover driver and drove once in a calendar year after already passing school then no. If you are an air driver never having went to driving school then yes you have to go to school.
  11. clean hairy

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    They do love to save pennies, while kicking stacks of $100 bills out of the way to get to the pennies!
  12. Joshman

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    I just came from intergrad let me tell it's tough and they don't play. I had a wrinkle on my pocket and they tried to send me home for it and fail me. Then I barely failed my test so they will fail you I know a lot of people who failed our class so if you go be prepared
  13. Overpaid Union Thug

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    What a bunch of clowns. They seriously think they are drill sergeant's. So pathetic. It's a job delivering card board boxes for Christ's sake! Not Army Delta selection. Flipping idiots! LOL.
  14. noLateAir30

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    I went to a class in August of 2014 and passed. Been air driving ever since. The last two peak seasons I've helped out as a TCD. However, within the last month they've used me a handful of times (maybe 10) as a TCD running a route.
  15. Dr.Brown

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    sounds like a free vacation!! hotel and food.... Find the nearest nudie bar and study that DOK!

    Oh yea, tell the girls it's your birthday too!
  16. Wrong

    Wrong :))

    You right they love to save pennies. So much so that they are willing to invest dollars to do so.
  17. hondo

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    What did you think of the snow?
  18. Scottyhawk

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    Yes, I was a seasonal driver, then went inside and did preload and air driving as well. I went full time after 1 year of part time and had to take the driving class again. It was the longest week of my life as I walked into the class and the instructor remembered me and told me to sit in the back of the class and to keep quiet. Lol
  19. BurntSienna

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    I'm in the same situation. I work the preload and deliver air almost everyday and on Saturdays. Also drove last 2 peaks. I really hope I don't have to take that class again when I go driving again in the Spring.