Al Gore Running For President?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jul 21, 2008.

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    OK, hear me out. For starters, Hillary has yet to release her delegates so there IMO is still some belief within the party that Obama could stumble before the convention.

    But now let's get to Al. Al shocked a lot of people recently when he appeared at the NetRoots convention. I'm not sure which shocked the audience more Gore's appearance or Bob Barr's. But then yesterday morning on Meet the Press, there's Gore again. Brokaw asked him about the VP job and energy czar with Obama and would he take it but Gore declined tht he would do that. Listening to Gore yesterday and having watched him at NetRoots on C-Span, I just came away believing that Al thinks Obama and the election for democrats this year are toast and that he is plowing ground for 2012'.

    Then today I pull up Counterpunch and see this piece:
    These are dedicated progressive liberals here folks so what does this say about Obama's core and for that fact the democrat party core?

    consider this from the article:

    When you look at all things considered (no pun to NPR) this coming election should have been an absolute cakewalk for the democrats but instead, it a complete toss up as IMO there is really no discernable difference between Obama and McCain. More and more they say the same thing and therefore nothing being different, why risk an unknown like Obama who proposes the same ole, same ole when you know MCain's history is Same ole, same ole!

    I think Al Gore is smart enough to know this and see it so he's now coming out full court and if McCain does take the November Sweepstakes, look for Gore geting tons of facetime over the coming couple of years leading up to the 2010' mid terms when he'll really amp up the campaign.

    You heard it here first!