All our new pkg cars are CNG, gasoline or diesel. No electric.


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What’s wrong with better heavy rail, more buses and well placed light rail?
Starting today the City of Boston will be experiencing massive gridlock due to the fact that the MBTA ( public rail & bus transportation ) will be shutting down several major rail lines for up to a month.
The whole of the Greater Boston area ( which includes many other cities and towns ) is expected to all feel the impact.
Employers are being asked to forgive their employees tardiness.
Free electric bikes will be made available for some. ( Riders are expected to supply their own helmets. )
And to add to the expected mess major travel routes have been reduced by one lane for a special Bus Only Lanes, along with several street closures.
The information being provided about what is going on changes daily, adding to the confusion.


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They are not electric they hybrid electric. Constantly break down low power and have to stop and let generator recharge which does not work and if it does you almost get enough power to limp it back to the center. Colossal waste of money and energy spent for the good publicity of saying they have electric package cars. Can also only be less than 10 miles from center and it still has issues
Colossal waste of time and money? Kinda like Orion and diad6? A see a pattern