Alright, so who knows the story behind this guy?


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Sorry, unless the laws where he lives are really screwy, a delivery driver with a delivery for him has the right to go onto his property.

I think the whole thing is a "joke" that someone is pulling on others.



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My question is, how can he have a restraining order against an entire company, and who is he going to press criminal charges against? The driver is just doing his job, he/she has nothing to do with this. The seller has no legal obligations to check to see if someone has a restraining order against a delivery company. Managers have better things to do then worry if one of the packages about to be delivered are going to a property with a supposed "restraining order" against the company. I too think its a joke, but if its not and I were the seller he would be getting a not so nice call telling him to accept the package or pay my 75% restocking fee.


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It happens from time to time that we have addresses we will not deliver to. Almost without exception these people are nut-jobs who have some problem with UPS, either a package of theirs was lost, or a driver ran over a sprinkler head, and they become insane about it. Many of them have threatened their drivers, some have waived guns or contacted the drivers at home with screaming insults or outright threats of violence. A few right off the top of my head include a man who threatened to kill a driver and an OMS after his NDA letter was left in his screen door without a signature (it didn't require one.) Another a driver was hit in the face by a disturbed family member of a daily pick up. Another is a woman who stalked a driver for several years, following him on route and confronting his wife.

Also, if a customer calls us and rants that he doesn't want us there again, we have no obligation or desire to go back.

Their packages are either held for will call or returned as undeliverable, depending on the situation. We have the right to refuse service to anyone. I would never ask a driver to go somewhere they felt unsafe. The headline "UPS Driver shot to death over Omaha Steaks" isn't too hard to imagine, unfortunately.


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sounds like a disgruntly post office employee to me:lol: a customer only has to tell me once,but up here we never have those problems ,believe it or not compared to other couriers UPS is rather liked
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sounds like a guy who i once delivered too. He called and said that I was trespassing on his property and he was going to sue UPS and get a restraining order. he lives in a rural part of town , so all we do now is drop his pkgs over the fence.