Am I able to get rehired if I wasn't fired?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Tony Orellana, Aug 17, 2018.

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    I didn't mean to make the title rhyme, but at least it lightens up the topic! (This is my first post, and I have been a reader of the forums without a membership since I first started working.)

    Question: Even though, I left on good terms, am I still able to get rehired?

    I went online to apply again since now I am back in town, and when I went to reapply, I was given this message: Thank you for your interest in opportunities with UPS, however our records indicate that as a former employee of UPS you are not currently eligible for rehire.
    I can imagine not being able to come back if I was fired, but that was not the case. I just had to leave the country for a few months, so I put my two weeks, explained my situation, and worked my remaining time. No bad blood whatsoever.

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    It seems they label everyone who leaves as a "no rehire". We've been asked many times how to change this, but it doesn't seem possible. Any way you can get to a real HR and explain it to a real person?
    And if you are able to change that no rehire thing, please come back and tell us!
  4. over9five

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    Oh PS, please change your user name. No real names allowed.
    Thank you!
  5. There's a guy who was hired last peak season, but before his probationary period was over he had to leave because he had a bad case of the gout. Now hes back as a brand new new hire. So..there's that.
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  7. LeftRS1

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    If you left in good terms like you said, you should be able to reach out to your PT supe or even manager if you happened to get that cell number.

    This is what I did before ever trying to fill out an app online or anything. Got a call from an HR :censored2: if I could show up for a tour. Did the whole stupid process got rehired.
  8. upschuck

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    How long were you there? If not for at least a year, you are outta luck.
  9. burrheadd

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    How come you had to leave the country?

    Cops on your trail?
  10. Yolo

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    People quit and come back in my building all the time. Call one of your old sups. If you weren't a turd monkey I'm sure they would love to have you back.
  11. shawn83

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    I’m full time in northern plains district for the past 12 years. Thinking about moving to Arizona. If I get rehired there will the 12 years go toward my pension in AZ? I know i will have to start over with seniority and pay scale.
  12. hellfire

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    I’m in CS and if you quit UPS will not rehire you. It’s policy here. I had a dude that wanted to be my jumper for peak, he was doing preload and quit for school. HR told me per policy he could not be rehired even though he had no interest in staying after peak
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    That’s not true. I got rehired after a year and a half part time.
  14. shawn83

    shawn83 New Member

    What’s CS?
  15. Boston25

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    The Central States
  16. Indecisi0n

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    Sex change, new name, full hire status. It will change your life.
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  18. Jkloc420

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    did you get rehired
  19. shawn83

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    I did 12 years ago. But now want to quit and move again. When I got rehired 12 years ago, I only had a year and a half in, so wasn’t vested.
  20. wide load

    wide load Starting wage is a waste of time.

    Just say that 30 years ago a specific manager touched your pee pee.
    Welcome back!
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