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  1. This morn myself and a couple of more drivers got called in the supt's office for not performing the streaching exercises to his standards.Thats right! we now are told that we must do streaching before we are allowed on the package cars.....anyone else doing this???
  2. Are they doing this on company time?
  3. over9five

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    Yes. They are paying us to stretch before the pcm. As long as you are getting paid, just fake it if you really have something against it.

    Or, if they continue to harrass you, simply fall over screaming in pain. You threw out your back while being forced to stretch!
  4. fredly00

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    Thats a great idea, you should be stretching anyway, so why not get paid for it.

    We just get donuts to get fat... ;)

    Now if you were legitimately stretching and he was giving you grief.
  5. ok2bclever

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    What is really ridiculous is management is taking all of a whopping 5.8 seconds or some such to do this so called stretching, obviously just another lip service by management rather than a real commitment.

    So why are they upset about the driver's not following this PCM instruction?

    They rarely challenge any of the drivers who don't follow the usual PCM instruction of "Listen up!". [​IMG]
  6. I will streach for them one more week and then it's outta here......i guess I can fake it a few more days....
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    If u need u're job just do the exercise. Streching before u work won't hurt you. I've never heard of this but, what's the problem. If it's a part of the PCM than just do it.