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    First off, thank you everybody for busting your a$$es to make the holidays special for others.

    Amazon really chucked UPS under the bus last year. I currently have orders sitting at Amazon for 3 days with no ship notification or tracking number. Order status says by 12/16... Most everybody else out there can get orders out in 24 hours. Amazon just passes the buck and blames the carrier. Of all the orders so far with them, they have used FDX Ground. 3 out of 4 of the packages were smashed and damaged. Called Amazon and they didn't care, they just said to send it back. Told them the boxes were trashed and they had to send new boxes. They just said keep it and issued credit. They blamed UPS for everything last year then they go the cheap route this year. How many quarters will they trip over to pick up the nickels?

    When did switch to FDX Home? I have packages coming Saturday there. The only things I've got via UPS has been work related since we use you guys exclusively. Are peak numbers really that big this year or is there volume that you are missing from last year?
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    Amazon shipped tonight. They used Lasership. Who the hell are they?
  3. It's the sheer volume, man. Still plenty of Amazon being delivered out of my PC this peak.
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    Smashed Amazon packages are because Amazon does a crappy job of packaging not because of any particular shipper.
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    Thanks for being a loyal customer. Haven't specifically noticed less volume from those shippers. We're still as busy as ever. Laser ship is a contractor that Amazon must use. Basically amazon contracts to a sub contractor (laser ship). Those guys make no money at all. If you don't always choose the cheapest way to send from amazon I think you can request ups by selecting 2nd air or something.