Amazon -Should UPS Be Worried?

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    Sounds like your only hobby is being a crybaby.
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    We've already established that I'm a Gizzer not a Millennial.
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    Gizzers complain
    Millinnials cry
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    tenor (11).gif
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    its more like this
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  6. Amazon is a platform for businesses of all sizes to sell their products and gain exposure (think eBay). Amazon isn't a direct rival of Companies A, B, or C but instead a helpful partner. Example: Walmart has a store set up on Amazon.

    And sure, Amazon now has it's own brand and products that create more competition in the marketplace, but many of the products sold on are listed by individuals and small businesses as an exercise in retail arbitrage.

    At the end of the day, if ANY company in the US can reduce its shipping cost they're going to. And Amazon is positioned to be a more valuable partner to many of these companies than UPS is anymore.

    Sorry UPS, you're running a high risk of pricing yourself out of an industry that no longer needs to rely on a unionized work force in order to synchronize the world of commerce.

    We're *.
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    This is actually funny... but I gotta say im at 29 years now and I love my new 22.3 route with about 15 stops a day where im off at noon everyday and not in the 100 degree temps till 9pm....and I love my full beard (even a slight homeless appearance at times) and they cant say sh**… and I have zero dust in my truck....and my new shirts are really comfortable....and I hate me sup...I could go on...
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    5bd880c62b1d6.jpeg 5bd880c62b1d6.jpeg
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    I've been watching your messages. What do want UPS to do? Quit? Hell, wages are trending up, mandatory by the Govt. even. Are you aware that Atlas Air(the company that flies their pkgs) is Union and poised to strike? How long do you think Amazon drivers will do what we do at the rate, efficiency and productivity? If ever. They will have to or it'll never work. Pkg. delivery is miserable, back breaking work. Their warehouses are miserable places to work. And why do you care about any of this?
  10. UPS's gold standard for production in the delivery industry is fueled in part by its higher operating costs due to higher employee wages. Labor cost is very often times the MOST EXPENSIVE cost of doing business.

    If Amazon can keep its operating costs lower than UPS's, it can also afford to produce less than UPS.
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    You sure do say a lot without saying anything.
  12. I try my best to be concise.