Annual Leave Q's aka:Vacations,Sick,etc

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  1. Postal

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    A lil' about me first.
    I'm in my third year as PT Employee as Sorter. Would love to drive some day!
    Here it goes...
    This is what I have learned through conversations with my Shop Steward and various Full Timers who apparently have never questioned this.

    Annually I am getting 4 weeks of time off. I receive them on my senority date of Oct 23 except for Option Days which I receive in January.
    #1 20 hours of Vacation Time. (can be taken as a full week off or broken off into individual days off)
    #2 20 hours called Option Week. (must be taken as a full week off)
    #3 20 hours called Option Days. (can be taken as individual days off or full week)
    #4 20 hours called Other (aka Sick Days)

    I receive the (#3)Option Days in the month of January and have through December to use them or they are, and have been, paid out to me if not used.
    The rest I receive every year on my senority day. My question is, Of the rest vacations,option week, sick days can they be rolled over if not used by my next senority day or are the paid out as well. To this day I have used it all by that time so I do not know. And I get different responses from different Shop Stewards. It would be nice to have the option to roll them over year after year in case of a sickness or injury. My local is in Orange, Ca. Local 952

    I'd appreaciate anyone's help!
    By the way... I used to work for the Post Office and when I was there we were able to roll over all of it. Of course the was a limit to it but still it was a nice thing to do.
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  2. drewed

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    This doesnt sound right to me, in my understanding its 2 weeks of vacation that must be taken as full weeks and an option week that can be broken up.....those dont get rolled over but the sick days you accrue a certain amount then stop
  3. Tim.

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    I need to look into this. Jan 3 is my 2yr aniv and I was told I got 1 week vacation, 1 sick day and 1 personal day. Cant wait till yr 3!
  4. Postal

    Postal ANAHEIM 92805

    I didn't have to wait until my 3rd year to receive all 4 weeks. Since my 1st year I've had this question.
    And drewed those 2 weeks vacation you are talking about, I think your confusing 1 week as a Option Week that can be used as vacation time off. The other days that can be broken up are Option Days and Vacation time. Only the Option Week has to be taken as a full week. But you say only "Other/Sick" can be rolled over?
  5. cachsux

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    The way it would work around here is that as you become eligible to increase the number of vacation weeks as you achieve years of service on your anniversary the "new" week would be chosen during your annual vacation pick time for the following years use. If you had an anniversary date early in the year you would be able to pick a vacation week that falls after your anniversary date. Optional days and weeks not used get paid out in the middle of December.
  6. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    Up here you get two weeks that must be taken in week increments for vacation, and an option week that can be broken up......and the sick days can be rolled over to a certain amount, i forget what the max is...and it could be completely different where youre at
  7. gded

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    the sick days u can rollover up to ten days max. The personal days and va cation can be used or cashed in by year ending.

    FAVREFAN Member

    Never heard of this. You sure you don't still work for the Post Office? What the hell is a sick day for union workers. We have always gotten 2 personals, getting 3 in '09. No sick days. Lucky you.
  9. StopCount

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    The answers might depend on what part of the country you're in, but here's my opinion...

    Sick days are the only time that can be rolled over.

    You're option week can be broken up and used as individual days.

    Go to HR for the final answer though...
  10. trplnkl

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    Or you could just read your contract.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Mr. Tex, there you go with your common sense. Don't you know it is easier to have someone else do the work for you?
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  16. #1angelfan

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    i am also local 952. you can't break up your vacation. you can break up your option week. you can not roll over your personal days. you can roll over your sick time and your vacation will get paid for your option days if you do not use them by the end of the year. i have been with ups for 10 1/2 years. what building are you at?
  17. dilligaf

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    West Conf LOCAL 104-this was what I had for 08.

    Vacation- 2 wks to be taken between anniversary dates (cannot be broken into individual day)

    Personal Days- (Opt. week) (5 Days recd on anniversary date) By mutual agreement personal days may be selected as individual days, blocks of days(2,3,4) or combined in blocks of 5 and selected as full weeks.

    Floating Holidays- recd Jan 1, and must be taken in the calendar year (Jan 1 - Nov 30 and Dec 26 - Jan 31). By mutual agreement Floating Holidays may be selected as individual days, blocks of days (2,3,4), or combined in blocks of 5 and selected as full weeks.
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  19. Postal

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    You are onto something. I remember my Full Time Sup refer to my option days as Floating Holidays. Same time last year when he came around so we could choose our Vacations. But I still can't understand why some still call them floating hollidays when my paystub states 4 categories at the bottom
    ex. VAC 20hr OPW 20hr OPD 20hr OTH 20hr
    so the VactionWeek and OptionWeek aka 2nd Vacation week must be taken as a whole week, the OptionDays aka Floating Holidays can be broken up, and the Other aka Sick also broken up?
    And of all this wonderful time OFF only the Vacations and Other can be rolled over? The personal days and week can't?

    I work and live in Anaheim but glad to inform you I am a Dodgers Fan. Thanks for all your guy's help. All of you. Is there a Shop Steward in our forums that can add his two cents?
  20. Postal

    Postal ANAHEIM 92805

    oh and by the way
    To the Texan guy in here... trplnkl
    I did try to look at the contract first. Before posting. I didn't find the language in it. But if you could help and post it on here for me I would appreciate it fellow Union Brother. You have losts of time. The Texans and The Cowgirls will not be on TV until next year.