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Drivers at our center informed management we were not interested in taking the survey yesterday. This morning they told us the division manager would be here Tuesday morning to buy breakfast and have a meeting. When we were asked why we wouldn't take the survey we told them that they were not interested in fixing the problems we had at the center. Been complaining for years with no progress.

Do you think they are interested in solving problems? Nope. All they want to do is sweet talk people into taking the survey so they don't have to explain to the suits over them why one wasn't done in our center. It takes 10 people to make the survey "count" and with only twelve people in the center they need everyone they can get.

As far as I am concerned, the ERI can wait till next year after they fix our concerns. We did this a few years ago and you would have thought the world was coming to an end. It grabs their attention real quick!

Supervisor told us that the survey is the quickest way to voice our opinions. I told him they didn't have the right questions on the ERI and that not taking the survey spoke volumes more than giving bad marks.

Too bad I am on vacation next week and will miss the meeting. :sleep1:I ain't getting up early for no one!


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I haven't heard anything about taking the ERI yet. I did get a letter in the mail about taking a district "employee opinion survey", or something like that. I just got a new On Car Sup though, he is the second one in a row who has never driven a Package Car. How do I rate someone like that?

By the way, the first Thread I ever posted was "Why do we take the ERI"?, or something like that.

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34 yrs & done!
As a side note.......... our division manager has been to our center only one time that I am aware of since we split from the main center 6 years ago. Care to guess what the reason was? Yep. The last time we refused to take the ERI. :thumbup1:


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I took the ERI, and BTW it had room for 600 characters instead of 300. It took me 45 minutes and I still didn't get to say all I wanted to. They need to add a suggestion box page to UPSer'


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I used to feel the same way, I have always had a hard time saying NO. But.
Several threads on here have had statements from people I respect, that say take it. If its not too late take IT!!
Answer honestly to the ones you can answer middle of the road to ones you cant!. In the comment section tell them how you feel!!!!!!! Overtime, unfair measurement, bad outdated time studies, failure of PAS, hostility created unnecisarily `sp` between mgmt and hourly because of bogus measurement of our time, etc. Micro mgmt. If the `3000` people or so who read and post from all over the country address this and it isnt an issue in the outcome, then we know it is bogus. But if many informed upsers would comment on this in the comment section, and they want it to be taken seriously it will be addressed, if it is not then next yr no one takes it. That is the message we need to send. We are all in this together, to make it better for those of us with a few yrs left and those of us just starting. But we have to be united. To refuse to take a step we have been assureed results in change we need to do it. 300 or 600 words...make it count@!!!! We dont want to have less work, or an easy job, we just want it to be fair and accurate!!!


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I took the ERI, and BTW it had room for 600 characters instead of 300. It took me 45 minutes and I still didn't get to say all I wanted to. They need to add a suggestion box page to UPSer'

I had a laundry list of issues I wanted to bring up... filled up that little box in about two minutes. The multiple choice questions are worthless; they can't be taken seriously. They should give employees the chance to seriously sit down and write down their concerns so that they can be addressed. I wonder if they even bother reading what people write.

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My personal favourite question was the one that said, in effect, "Does UPS make allowances for your personal life?" or something like that. I laughed so loud i think I scared the people at the customer counter!


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I am retired, but I used to take the survey just for the overtime; it put a few more pennies in my pocket, but I had no expectation that the results would create action from above. Oh, I suppose they might move some hugely incompetant manager into some other position, but the people at the top are like the rock of Gibraltor: they aren't going anywhere. The really great companies listen to people throughout their organization: they are aware that the people doing the job have keen insight into the needs that have to be addressed. There are a lot of fine ideas that might find their way into implementation if only people called to manage were humble enough to receive tham. The ERI survey has been a waste of time for years. The questions are more of an obstruction to the truth than a window into them.


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I told my manager I didnt want to take it he was like non sense, so I took it to feel the cool A/C office air after a day in unload.

He kept coming in and looking at my answers saying "Whats wrong here we got no problems." I told him I get paid by the hour and he left. When I was done I asked him for my $20 and he said he left it upstairs next to the computer. :bored: