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  1. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

    • racketeering
    • requesting things of value from employers during negotiations
    • taking employers gifts, including admissions to Playboy’s Super Bowl Party for Hoffa’s Executive assistant and his friends
    • trying to leverage jobs for his relatives from employers, including UPS, Costco and others during labor negotiations
    • negotiating a sham collective bargaining agreement
    • using union resources to punish political opponents and prevent a fair Teamster election
    Just some of the charges this guy (who is on H's slate with the initials R.A.) is charged with.

    This is one of my favorite charges:

    In contract negotiations, Aloise used union negotiating leverage to try to land jobs for difficult-to-employ relatives from Teamster employers like UPS, Costco, a bus manufacturer, and SWS (the largest liquor distributor in the United States). He repeatedly pressed employers, with open contracts, to hire his step-son who had criminal charges filed against him for assault, robbery and displaying a weapon.

    And the guy made about $350k a year, I guess that wasn't enough for him.

    Now we all know why WE have to take concessions.

    Because our union bosses are negotiating for themselves, instead of the membership.
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    I can't get the icons to work so I'm giving this post a thumbs up,...
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  4. Spongebob1

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    Here's a guy that had one hell of a salary, abused his power, used his influence to get gifts, I hope he goes to jail,... One thing for sure he will be banned,....

  5. 5habits100

    5habits100 Well-Known Member

    And if it is true he should be. There is no excuse for things like that. I still feel that hall is the best man for the job regardless of what RA did. RA will be gone and rightfully so if it's true.
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    Hold on,...........I fell off my chair,...are YOU agreeing with me?
    Dang,.... :)
  7. 5habits100

    5habits100 Well-Known Member

    I said if it's true.

    I do support hall and SO to the end. Regardless of what you think they are the best people to fight UPS. I know a few on TU and they are bigger sell outs than what you accuse H and H of being. You really need to look at the 2 guys from Ohio TU have on their slate. They suck. Porkchop from 251, your boy from PA, Fred Z and Tony J were at the bar in the Hilton also. Are you going to support them?
  8. Instigator

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    This guy, an Int VP and on the National UPS negotiating committee imposes the contract on us when we voted it down by 94% and he's looking for favors from UPS management to get his step son hired in San Diego? He needs to be lynched
  9. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

    I will settle for jail time and lifetime ban for all union activity

    He has proved he can't be trusted.
  10. Jones

    Jones fILE A GRIEVE! Staff Member

    One by one, the roosters will all go down as the wheels of justice turn and grind the guilty beneath them.
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  11. BrownArmy

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    I don't generally comment on this nonsense, and I don't care about H or H, but O is the MAN.
  12. I H8 TRUMP!!!

    I H8 TRUMP!!! Active Member

    It must be TDU lying that got R busted.

    Where are wideload, leadbelly, lagunabrownowser and the rest of the junior cheerleaders to defend this criminal?
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  13. Spongebob1

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    It was after six,...
    No employers were there,....
    It was on their dime,....

    Now YOU need to look at your own back yard,... I have a real good idea who you are, "people shouldn't throw stones who live in glass houses".....
    I will take FZ, TJ, MT, any day over the likes of H. & O'B,...... FZ doesn't sell out his members, he fights right beside them,.....

    When you praise H-H and O'B just shows me how your a sell out too!! Only for your own personal gain, your one of these,me,me,me type persons and the hell with the rest!.... Your right up there with RA,...

    Now try blaming tdu for Rome's demise,....
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  14. Spongebob1

    Spongebob1 Active Member

  15. 5habits100

    5habits100 Well-Known Member

    You have no idea who I am. You or your little sewing circle can think you know but you don't. Guess all you want.

    So you agree they were at the bar.

    Call me what you like I will sleep good tonight because you are a loser.

    Read me post I didn't blame TDU on this. I said if he did what the charges say he gets what he deserves.

    TJ and some of the others you support are no different than RA
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  16. BigUnionGuy

    BigUnionGuy Got the T-Shirt

    Sounds like Carey....
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  17. Spongebob1

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    I really don't give a flying-flip what you think!!!

  18. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

    Carey was cleared of all charges.

    Turns our some OG thugs lied about everything and the judge found their testimony against Carey unreliable.

    But you know this.

    I am beginning to think that you are no better than the cheerleaders.

    Lie, steal, cheat and throw some mud, is that what you do now BUG?
  19. anHOURover

    anHOURover Well-Known Member

    Cock a doodle dooooo...
    BUG LEAD AND WIDE don't like it when one of their SELLOUTS get caught!! How many are we up to now!! FRED STANDS WITH THE MEMBERS !!
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  20. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

    How many under H have been doing the exact same garbage as RA?

    I bet that under H, it's standard practice to shake down employers for personal gain, while trading them concessionary contracts for us members.

    So concessionary that H even had to IMPOSE those contracts from time to time.

    Any of this sound familiar?