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    If you know the answer!! please reply? on Aug 1st i received a raise of .85 (50 cent catch up raise, .35 cent Raise everyone gets):happy-very:Aug 22 was my 3rd year!!! anniversary PT , I only received .15 cent, is this correct??? I thought it was supposed to be 50 cent!:dissapointed:. two other people I know whos start day was july 29th received 85 cent+50 cent =$1.35. I got $1.00 is this right???
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    Go talk to your sup. The easiest and most expedited way to get an answer!

    If you think the answer is hinky talk to your steward, or better yet take your steward with you.
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    You won't get the raise extra- I had the same thing happen after the last contract. My seniority is in September. Anyone who had started before August 1 (the new contract) received their annual seniority date raise, then got the contract raise in August. Anyone who had seniority after August 1 only got the contract raise because then it kind of takes over the seniority date raises- once you're part of the new contract, you only get your raises August 1 (and now, Feb, 1 as well I suppose). It's a crappy disadvantage of having the wrong start date. I was bitter for awhile- and why not? If one person starts July 30 and another starts Aug. 2, the person who started in July will get a seniority raise and a contract raise and the other will just get the contract raise.

    Just tell your friends that if they want to work at UPS, start before Aug. 1 or they will be out 50 cents next contract. Sorry. There's nothing you can do about it.
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    The most likely reason you got the $.15 is because you are no longer in progression, you get the regular August 1st (and now February 1st) raises. But the contract states that you get a guaranteed minimum based on the progression pay scale.

    At three years you're minimum is probably $12.00 or $11.00 depending on your job (and supplement agreements in your region). So you are guaranteed to get paid that amount, so my guess is that the August 1st raise put you at either $11.85 or $10.85, and the $0.15 for you year mark was so that you were getting paid at least what you would have been paid if you were still in progression.
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    You either get your raise august 1st or on your seniority date if you are in progression. Not both. Ask your sup why yours was split up.
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    thanks for the answer! I was wondeing what happend there no one at my hub could tell me. Thanks alot