ANOTHER p/t loader/unloader thread..had interview where do I stand?

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    Hello all,

    New here and to the whole UPS thing. I had a tour of one hub about a month and a half back after meeting with the recruiter at a school job fair (ironically I had signed that paper for a DIFFERENT hub, but I'll get to that later). Watched the power point, heard why the job sucks and we should probably all just leave yada yada. Talked to someone one on one about hours, job experience etc. In the meantime my UPS jobs account online kept switching between the first hub and the second (no more positions here, would you like to switch your application?)

    Finally last week I got a call from the second hub to come in for an interview, everything went well signed for the background check etc. I had a few little blemishes back in my high school days which i told her about and she said shouldn't be a problem. 2 days later she called again saying come in next thursday for another tour and bring your social security and ID, I never heard an actual job offer or whether the background check went through however.

    Just wondering where I stand in the process.

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    When she asked you to bring in your Social Security card and a second form of ID that means that she has more paperwork to do but that basically you are hired.