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  1. Nildog

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    Hey guys, another question I thought of is this: when you got to UPS, did you go in thinking "yeah, I want to make this a career.", even though it is a part time job? I guess what Im really asking is, until you made it to full time, how did you handle the fact that this was only a part time job? Did you live at home until you really took off there? It's all very confusing to me, and I would love some help! Thanks!
  2. MarvelousMunata

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    What. Noone lives off of a part time job like that. Unrealistic dude.

    I took it for the health benefits and maybe a lil extra cash/ break from my full time teaching job.
  3. burrheadd

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    Some of them never leave moms basement
  4. zubenelgenubi

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    5 jobs at once.
  5. CoffeeStainedUniform

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    Switched from Nights/Weekend work and stay at home dad. Worked both jobs till I hit full-time.

    Give yourself a timeframe for progress and put up with double jobs for that long. You can handle anything as long as you have a "goal" in sight.

    If you want to drive, you'll probably have the chance to at least do seasonal this upcoming Christmas. That will give you a better idea of if you like it as a career.
  6. Indecisi0n

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    My dream is to be a stay at home dad for my cat.
  7. MarvelousMunata

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    You have a cat?
  8. zubenelgenubi

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    He just calls it that.
  9. CoffeeStainedUniform

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    It's really rewarding. Start with 1, then get 15. Remember to wear the same housecoat for 7 years, and never wash it.

    You can get all your catfood from the cute UPS boy. Flirt with him every week when you see him and peer at him through your grimy windows as he leaves. You'll never have to decorate for holloween again!