Anti-Junior slate @ 509 Wins Delegates Election!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by The Son of Sam, Mar 1, 2016.

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    The 509 VOICE slate won all five delegates and two alternates in South Carolina's Local 509 today, a statewide local. They defeated the incumbent slate, including 15-year incumbent and Joint Council 9 President L.D. Fletcher.

    Where are all the Junior cheerleaders and roosters?
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    Congratulations to 509 Voice slate!!

    H & H really suck!!!!!
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    Thanks for that "up-to-the-minute" news.

    Should I go back and review all the white ballot delegates for H&H ?

  4. Spongebob1

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    Just a little heads up there Buggy,
    Not all those white tickets are for H & H

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  5. Lead Belly

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    They don't want to talk about that because it's in the hundreds and those are 95% for H20.
  6. Lead Belly

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    Keep telling urself that.
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    It's true.
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    Is that L.B's family reunion?
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    giphy (28).gif
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    Who is your guys favorite princess????
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  15. Lead Belly

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    Congratulations to the boys in local 24 and 908 in crushing the teamsters United slates. You stayed the course put in the hours and persevered.
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    Okey dokey.