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    There seems to be a group of folks on this board that is very anti-management. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I don't take that sentiment personally. My question is where did the anti-management sentiment come from? It seems like no matter what we say or what issue we talk about, someone finds an opportunity to knock us. Were there bad experiences? Do you generally not trust management? ...did you ever? I don't mean to sound like a shrink, but I'm really curious.

    The second question relates to the Union itself. Whether you call them leaders or managers, there is a group of people that run the Union, right? Do you trust them? Do you question them as much as UPS management? Do you feel they look out for your best interest no matter what and don't deserve to be questioned about things such as dues or political contributions? Do you know how much they all make in Salaries?
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    Seeing as how I am in management, I would have to say that I like me...but I'm sure there are others who don't.

    Good questions though...
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    At the end of the game the king and the pawn go back in the same box."
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    I can only speak for myself. I don't consider myself "anti management". I am "anti" with some of the decisions the company makes and some of the polices we are expected to work within. Ultimately it's the CEO and BOD that make the decisions and run the company. I've worked for a few folks over the years that yell and scream, I guess you could say I was anti management in those cases. In a nut shell, I work as directed and treat everyone with respect.
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    You mean simple things like refusing to let me know both times when my inlaws both passed away?
    Like trying to get in front of my personal vehicle to stop me from leaving when my kid was in an ambulance?
    You mean like telling me I would be fired if I left when my father had a heart attack and was not expected to live?
    You tell ME who has the bad attitude.........
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    Hmmm... Seems to me a lot of management is anti-driver.... perspective?
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    I am not anti-driver at all. I don't see a lot of the issues you do, so that's why I ask the questions. The things wornout brought up are terrible. I have no respect for the manager or supervisor that did those things and I understand why someone would lose respect for the company.
    The message I want to convey is that not all management is like that. Maybe I'm completely naive in thinking that management and hourly people can work better together in the operation, but I just want to hear what the root of the problems are.

    I feel a lot of people laughing at me, so I'll go back to trying to figure out why the backup lights in my car go on when I'm in neutral and not reverse. [​IMG]
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    What kind of car? It sounds like the backup light switch is bad. Floor or column shift?

    See, we can work together. [​IMG]
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    column. Plus the horn and directionals don't work either, but the flashers do.
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    year make of car?
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    72 nova.
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    72 Nova, it can't be fixed. I'll take it off your hands for $50.00. It's the least I can do. [​IMG]

    Seriously, Follow the steering column under the dash to the floor. The backup switch is on top of the column at the floor (best I remember), check the wiring connector. Make sure it's tight. The turn signal switch is in the top of the column. the wires run down the column and connect to the cars wiring harness just below the dash. Again, check for a loose connection.
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    Thanks for the advise! I'll let you know what I find.

    Is there anyway to change the thread title??? This is a more enjoyable discussion :-)

    350 2-barrel, 2-bolt main. My next big decision is a rebuild or new crate motor. I want more power but still want a daily driver (and of course not spend a lot of money).
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    I think many hourly workers have very little respect for those who enter UPS management. No merit system is in place to promote only those who should be promoted. A simple letter saying you are willing to conform to UPS' nonsense is all that is required. People who include honesty and integrity as part of their core beliefs find UPS management beneath them. Many distrust a company whose corporate culture borders on sadism and want no part of it. This is evident by the limited numbers willing to go over to the dark side. UPS could change if these cowards took a stand against those who believe lying, cheating and using heavy handed tactics is the way to run a company.
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    Anti-Mgmnt. to 350 Nova?[​IMG]
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    Its obvious air_upser,that you dont see the problems we drivers have to deal with on a daily basis.Example:the div mgr tells each ctr mgr that production must increase.The ctr mgr tells the sups to find a way to get more out of us.The sups tell us drivers that we have to pick up the pace. Even though most of us are following the methods,and are working 11 to 12 hour days without taking a lunch break.The sups are understaffed so if you request a ride,they usually haven`t got the staff to accomodate you.
    If you call for help when you are over dispatched,and you get none,and it leads to missed deliveries,you get the 3rd degree,and threats of dismissal.They call all the shots.
    The union is a facade,I`m starting to think ups bought the teamsters and forgot to tell us.
    wornout pointed out things that go on all the time.I missed a dr`s appt once because they wouldn`t give me an optional that day,and I had to wait almost a year to rescedule my colonoscopy.Anyone who stands up for thier rights is simply fired.Theres a lot that goes on that you don`t get to see air_upser
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    In my 17 year experience, we have had managers that did not care for thier employees. I dont have the time nor the desire to elaborate. Once youve been treated like crap for so long, it sticks.
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    Air Upser I certainly won't speak for any other hourly who posts here but I can say that when I do express discontent with results of recent directives from corporate, that my voice does reflect an overwhelming majority of those that I personally work with. After a decade wearing BROWN I'm realistic enough to know that no management team anywhere, regardless of how hard they try, can execute mistake-free day in-day out. But the bar has been raised on the hourlies dramatically at the very same time that the micromanagement has become a detriment to virtually every task that once could be done smoothly. It's one thing to raise the standards on the drivers, but the standards for load quality and on-time departure needed to be flawless for any fair chance at all for the driver to achieve the standards now being demanded.

    To put it nicely, management has not fulfilled that obligation to it's front line workers. To put it realistically, it doesn't look like they even tried to make it happen. A driver that has at least some say or measure of control will usually accept higher stops and enlarged area, but when continually handed a mess the driver no longer looks at it as a challange to learn from but as being continually set up to fail.

    Anti-management? If Atlanta's idea of the management team's success is rooted in the idea of being "anti-worker", then yeah there's going to be some anti-management postings. When the suits insist on having all decision making control, all it takes is one of them to make a terrible decision at a crucial time and drivers' days can be wrecked before the trucks even leave the building. It rarely happened before PAS/EDD showed up. Now it's the same comedy of errors everyday. If management had the nerve to try and squeeze us for more than they should have had a master plan to deal with the multitude of variables that come with cutting routes and dumping more stops and miles on drivers. It's obvious they didn't and the hourlies and even the customers are paying the price for the small group that decided they could wing it. If they had listened to even 10% of the feedback, they could have avoided 10 times the criticism.
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    One of my biggest problems with management is the lying that goes on. I caught a sup out delv a NDA so I asked him that night if he was making a delv and he looked me in the eyes and said no. So the div manager was standing there and got involved and come to find out my sup lied about doing union work. I'm sure he got an at-a-boy after I was gone but, you burn me once I wont forget. (But, this wasnt the first time)

    After about 5 nights of not seeing your family before 8pm gets real old. My opinion every sup should have to stay at UPS till all of his loop drivers are back in. If UPS was to do that you would see a more even dispatch because they sure dont want to be there late like most drivers.