Any first responders working with Integrity out there?

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    To all,

    Do you look after your fellow employees by doing your first responder duties with the utmost of integrity?


    Do contribute to the harm of your fellow employess by making "working as directed" excuses to allow unethical local management decide how you do you job?

    and even worse when there is some sort of audit

    Do you assist in the cover up of our daily practices to lead the auditors to a false assessement that the job is being done by the book?

    If you only do it "by the book" when someone is auditing the operation you are assisting the management of your company in exposing you and your fellow workers to harm

    while covering up this exposure for them.

    Where do you stand in your first responder duties?

    with Intergrity or against Integrity?

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    If I was a first responder in your hub, would Intergrity come to me or do I need to seek it out? Judging by your past posts Integrity just walks through the exit, leaving other employees in potentially dangerous situations. So I guess one would say Integrity simply doesn't actually do anything, only talked about.

    Sounds about right.
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    I posted my response in the above quote.

    Are you a first responder in your hub?

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    Nobody seems to want to play your silly game anymore.

    Your schtick is played out.

    It's time to come out of the closet and clean out the dead bodies you have hidden in your crawl space.

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    This is the UPS Discussions sub-forum in the BrownCafe Forum. It is for UPS related discussions.

    I don't come here to play games, make friends, to mock other members or make one line sit-com type sarcastic comments about everyone and everything.

    I come here to engage in discussions. I try to stay on topic and I try to post the discussions in the appropriate forum.

    I realize many seem to be uncomfortable with Integrity. That is their business and their problem.

    What others come here for is their business or their problem for that matter.

    You are one of the best posters on this site, I know that doesn't say a lot, but you are one of the best anyway.

    I think it would be more beneficial to the Brown Cafe for you to challenge the posters who don't post with Integrity.

    Just saying, but let your conscience be your guide.

    Thank you for your input.

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    Thought the sequester was gonna force 1st responder layoffs?
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    You must work in the worst building on the planet. If this crap you bring up all the time is stuff you see at your workplace, then I feel sorry for you. On that note, realize that your small little corner of this company doesn't reflect how things are everywhere.

    Also, nobody likes to 'discuss' anything with you anymore.....that's what bubblehead is saying. You are as frustrating to talk with as just about anyone could possibly be without being a TROLL.....if, in fact, you aren't one already. It's the same crap over and over again.

    Third, did you guys know that the friggin Catholic Church spent $170 BILLION in 2010?! As a comparison, Apple's revenue was something like $164 billion.....I'd love to see the yearly revenue for the church, and where all of that money is coming from.
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    What is this that you are talking about?

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    I have posted my replies above.

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    No, only in this thread. I wanted to be a fireman when I was growing up, does that count?
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    Ever heard the saying "when it seems like something is wrong with everyone else its time to look in the mirror"?
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    Ok end this thread. Jack was the first responder and there can only be one first responder. Just saying.
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    When sups are told to "paper job" everything including SWMs it really doesnt matter I suppose...