Any new contract language for ft to pt?

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    hello everyone. I was just wondering if anyone has heard if they added language in the new contract so that you can go back to part time from a full time combo job?

    I dont mind the preload side of the job but I'm really tired of working on the ramp. It took me several hours after my shift to regain feeling in my toes after being outside in -50 wind chill(literally). We've also had 2 aircraft incidents in a month here. During peak week the wing of a 747 was damaged because it was marshalled into a light pole. Its just getting really silly and not something I want to do for the rest of my life.

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    which hub do you work at? theres only 3 buildings in the US that the 747 transit (to my knowledge0 and only one of them would have windchills that cold and the only plane i heard about being marshalled into a light pole happened last summer....
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    The actual temp was around -25. It was a record for us. For a lot of the winter we do have wind chills below zero.

    I work at RFD. Its close to chicago. We only have 747's around peak. Management decided that instead of having a regular group of marshallers they want people from every ramp crew to be certified. In their eyes it doesnt matter if its a 18 year old kid out of high school as long as they are certified they can do the job properly. In other words people get minimal training and someone making 8.50 an hour is responsible for a multi million dollar aircraft.

    Some other things that have happened here.

    Last week another plane clipped some parked crew stairs with the wing.

    Nose gear on a dc-8 collasped and the plane was laying on the ground.

    The guards on a loader were not working properly and they were told to keep going. A several thousand pound container went off the end and landed on top of a tug driving up. Good thing our tugs have tops on them.

    A lady was hit by a feeder and killed in a crosswalk last year and she was wearing her vest.

    They let someone lay in the cold snow after a fall for about 45 minutes because each manager had to keep calling their manager to see what to do. Finally a steward became tired of it and called 911.

    I could keep going. I don't feel safe at my job. I know you guys dont like whiners but I'm sorry I just had to vent somewhere.

    I wish I could just unload trucks for 9 hours.
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    I would say your story is more like telling it like it is than whining. Hang in there:peaceful:
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    couldn't have said it better Rod!! sad ,,,,but the truth!! its all about ###############"S