Any Package Drivers Ever Drug Tested?

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  1. brown67

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    I've been driving for 14 years and have never had a random drug test. I've heard that feeder drivers will get random tests, but I've never seen a package driver get tested. I thought maybe it was done during physical, but I've been told that its not. Any one know why?
    No I don't use drugs, but you would think with a center full of drivers that someone would be using drugs. Why would the company take that risk not to do some random tests and get rid of drivers using drugs?
  2. 25yrvet

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    Good question--same at our ctr. But mgt is way too busy constantly trying to put out fires. Nothing preventive-just reactionary.
  3. clockrider

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    I've seen feeder drivers have to give a sample, but never PKG drivers...strange.
  4. Channahon

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    DOT regulations for random drug tests based on vehicle weight. Feeder drivers meet this requirement.
  5. wakyzachy

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    Ahh my friends listen to this. This one guy worked for UPS for like 7 years. He was on drugs the whole time he went to work, but he looked "normal" enough that no one realy noticed. Any way he got off of the drugs and worked his was up to full time driver with a pretty dam easy route too. He was set for life. Anyway a random drug test came by his path. He was on the drugs again and he got fired right on the spot. In about a month I read in the newspaper that he robbed a bank at gun point. Drug tests are big here. Hey anyway its Philly baby. We shoot you if you cut in front of us on the highway. LOL. :thumbup1:
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  6. dave_socal

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    Yes feeder is covered by Federal D.O.T. rules but UPS if they wanted could negotiate with the union in the next contract. D.O.T. drug testing is done when you apply, after a serious accident, and randomly. Package drivers in general don't get tested except for a serious accident like a fatality. I have always belived that if UPS would test package drivers randomly they would fire a good percentage. So I guess that's why they don't. On monday morning they need bodies in those package cars. I've heard stories over the years about drivers who would come to work on something mostly alcohol. We onced had one of these functioning alcoholics a driver get caught by cops for solicitation of a female undercover officer posing as a prostitute on route. I guess he needed more stops on his route less booze too. But that was a few years ago, this job is way to hard for a drug addict to do well for very long. I have some other stories that would make you flip but I'll save those for another thread.
  7. browned out

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    We had a driver who got a drunk driving ticket off duty and then he was subject to random tests. They tested him and he came up positive for cocaine. No wonder he was in at 4:30 everyday. UPS would supply this to all the drivers if it were legal or if they could get away with it. He was discharged.
  8. Harry Manback

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    I always thought, you had to be offered some sort of rehabilitation therapy before you got canned. Sheesh, I've heard of guys goin out, delivering 3 packages and spending the rest of the day praying to Darth Vader in the car. They'd go to rehab, come back a few weeks later (usually fall off the wagon again) and then get the boot. I'd be willing to bet, if UPS required random drug screens for package drivers, they'd lose 25-30% of their workforce. Guess Rick James was right when he said, "Cocaine is a hell of a drug!"
  9. dammor

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    Sorry, but 25-30% of the drivers is way over the top. At least it would be here. Maybe I'm wrong, but we have over 50 package drivers in this building and I have only noticed 1 that was a bit suspect and I could have been wrong about that. This job is too demanding to do well with a drug habit. I think many drivers have a few drinks when home, but I've never known one dumb enough to come to work that way. Perhaps it is different elsewhere.
  10. brown67

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    You just never know what someone does in their spare time. I would bet there are a few that do drugs on the weekends. Never seen anyone here that I suspected.
  11. over9five

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    I am a package car driver, and I am subject to random drug testing.

    This is because I have a CDL. Non CDL holders do not get the random test.

    I do agree with the person who said we'd lose 25% of package car drivers if they were tested.
  12. rod

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    Farrrrrrrrr Out Man!!!!!
  13. old levi's

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    We were told there would be a random drug test and one of the drivers studied for three days. :w00t:
  14. DS

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    HA!:lol: you funny
  15. scratch

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    I'm a Package Driver and I have had a CDL for about 22 years. In fact, I got to get it renewed within a couple of weeks, hopefully tomorrow. I did the online "Highway Watch" Training last night, that was a joke. I have never been tested for drugs.

    We had one driver overdose from a heroine-cocaine overdose a few years ago, he won 50K in the lottery and celebrated by killing himself. We got one guy out in Rehab now from something else. I know of one who had to go for alcohol treatment two years ago. I work with about 140 Package Drivers on the roster. This job is too intense for drug users, they won't last very long. That 20% guesstimate is way too high.
  16. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator

    My guess would be 10% weekend users. 1% hardcore.
    The only time drivers are tested here is after an accident.
    Any drug can stay in one's system for quite a while.
    If one chooses to get high on a Saturday night, that is their own business. When they have an accident on Thursday and are tested, it becomes the companys business.
    The choice is on the individual on how they wish to live.
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    well thats another reason i wont be going back 2 drivin!
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    MissedBusiness, does the AFDB (aluminum foil deflector beanie for those that don't like being brainwashed) work effectively if it is painted Brown? Maybe I could wear the uniform hat over it to hide it from you know who?:w00t:

    PS, I have a cat that looks just like yours.......the conspiracy thickens, maybe our cats are spying on us?
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  19. brown bomber

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    I flunked my urine test....too much blood in my alcohol system
  20. tieguy

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    Our agreements with the teamsters generally prevents us from testing anyone other then cdL drivers. Exceptions would be if we observe unusual behavior and suspect someone is under the influence , serious accident or if some government agency such as the TSA demanded it for employment at an airport.