any updates on fedex ground and teamsters???


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Teamsters Hope to Lure FedEx Drivers

This is an old article, but still worth reading:

"FedEx is an important target for us," said James P. Hoffa, president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, which sees its effort here as a first step toward its goal of organizing the nearly 15,000 drivers in the FedEx Ground division. FedEx Ground, which delivers packages to homes and businesses in one to five days, is separate from FedEx's overnight air-delivery operation.

FedEx says that the union push is an anomaly and that the majority of the drivers are happy and oppose unionization. Mr. Hoffa, pointing out that the company has dismissed many union supporters here and elsewhere, says FedEx is using "anti-union tactics that come out of the 1930's."


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While Hoffa is certainly right about the anti-union tactics of FedEx, just where are the Teamsters these days? I have not seen or heard of any Teamster activity at either Ground or Express facilities for quite awhile. Perhaps they are waiting for FedEx to lose more cases regarding the contractor question before they make a move, but one would think they would already be doing the preliminary work of organizing.

Overall, I don't see the Teamsters being a very pro-active organization as it relates to gaining new members. Maybe they're too busy patting themselves on the back over successfully negotiating the new UPS contract.