anybody in monterey?

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  1. solitarysiren

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    well, I have been accepted to MIIS and plan to move out there around July. I'm going to try to transfer. at least that way i'll have a job out there. i'm a preload sup. i've never been out to monterey, so i have no idea what the hubs are like out there.....anyway, if anyone has any info, i'd greatly appreciate it.
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    I can't say what the hub would be like compared to where you are from, but expect to pay dearly for any housing you find in that area. The Monterey area is one of the prettiest areas in the state and the cost of housing will reflect that.
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    he/she could always find something cheap in salinas though...i saw some pretty cheap housing up there when I last went to monterey last year..but be forewarned, it was nothing like monterey but its not that far away at all....
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    Hi Solitary, no hubs in the Monterey area. Just a delivery center. About 45-50 drivers with a preload and a local sort. Salinas is the same, small delivery center about 50 drivers. Santa Cruz same, small delivery center again about 50 drivers. All with preloads. Closest hub is in Sunnyvale CA. About 1 1/2 hour drive from Monterey. There is a hub in San Bruno, San Francisco, and two in the Oakland area. All over 1 1/2 hours drive from Monterey. And as someone mentioned housing in the Monterey bay area very very expensive. For example, small fixer-uper starting at 500,000 to 600,000 if you can find them. Hope this helps. All the best
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    Monterey is always looking for good preload PT supervisors. If you have experience, you would be head and shoulders ahead of the rest. **************is the Preload manager. ************ is the Center Manager. Small center, only does approx. 6000-6500 packages each morning on an average. Yeah, housing is outrageous. MIIS is great. Good luck. Salinas is bigger and might have more opportunity. Maybe 1/2-3/4 hour commute. (Not much of a commute for California!) If you are not from California, Santa Cruz might be a bit of a culture shock for you. LOTS of opportunity in San Jose. 4 centers in one building, but not a hub.
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    well, that's encouraging. i saw there was an opening for a DPS sup, so i put in my letter to transfer. wow, 6k, huh? we process more than that an hour! i was born in L.A. and i visit family there at least once a year if not more, so i understand the commute thing, but i've gotten used to reno traffic, which is nothing like california. i've been looking at apartments and, yeah....we'll be paying twice as much as we are here for a smaller place. but hey, it's a new adventure and we're totally excited about it. thanks for the info!
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    Preload sups dont make enough to live there,either you or the WE you mentioned are well off to start,or you have some other substantial income.Good luck.
  8. solitarysiren

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    yeah, that's another obstacle to conquer but.......things will work out the way they should.