Anyone else here interested in the UPS Lionel train stuff?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by oldpaddy, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. oldpaddy

    oldpaddy New Member

    I've been debating getting into trains for a couple of years. This Xmas I finally took the plunge and purchased the Lionel Polar Express for my son. He loves it! And so do I.
    So I grabbed a recent Lionel catalog and saw that they are selling UPS centennial train stuff. My son (almost 3) freaks out when he sees the UPS section of the catalog. I have to say that I get kinda excited about it too.

    Among other UPS train merchandise.

    Here's a link to Lionel's current UPS merchandise:
    Lionel Catalog - Lionel 2006 Train Catalog Volume 2

    Too bad UPS doesn't give us a discount on this stuff :( Of all things you think they would. Oh well.

    So am I the only one who's into this stuff? And does this mean I bleed brown?
    I really hope the answer to both questions is no.
  2. disneyworld

    disneyworld Active Member

    Not interested in trains. But does anyone know if we can get models of UPS Freight vehicles?
  3. oldpaddy

    oldpaddy New Member

    You can find package cars, planes, and freight vehicles on
    I forget where though.

    That site can sometimes be a pain in the ass when you are looking for stuff.
  4. rngri4

    rngri4 New Member

    The trains are awesome, every Christmas it's a tradition at my parents to put up my father Lionel he was given when he was very young. It is now well over 55 years old, and still runs great he said. I would hate to know how much it might be worth, but to my family, it is the sentimental value that counts. Thanks for the link, I am checking it out, I am going to add to my own collection.
  5. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    Great link paddy . thanks for posting it.
  6. Smirnoffinator

    Smirnoffinator New Member

    I have always been a train nut since I was younger. My father's cousin was into to them to the point that his whole basement was a layout and I got his hand me downs all the time and I was hooked. He also is the owner of the trains shown in the store window in the opening scene in "A Christmas Story". They asked if he wanted money or his name in the credits, and he took the money but still has the pictures to prove they are his. I still have most of my stuff but my family has outgrown my house so my children (2 of which are train nuts without having them) have not had the joy yet. Model trains are a great hobby though. My current thoughts on getting all my children into them are using lego trains since they come in IR now.
  7. dutchups

    dutchups Member

    Hello oldpaddy, in Europe thare are/have been also a few trainwagons for sale.
    On (germany) there are a few at this moment.
    The brand is Electrotren.

    I`ve tried to add a few pictures, but don`t know if it worked.
    If you want me to mail them, if it didn`t work, just let me know.

    Personally i collect UPScarmodels.
    I dont want to start with planes or trains because i want every model when i start, have to control myself.

    After all the Hermann Marketing models started with the European MB and Porsches.
    When I discovered Ebay all the 88 models were next.....................

    And now....
    44; freight When does it end?
  8. oldpaddy

    oldpaddy New Member

    I can't believe that UPS doesn't have some sort of discounts for stuff like this. Am I the only one surprised by this?

    Those look kinda neat. I went to to check them out, but unfortunately I can't read dutch/german/whatever...
    Could you hook a brutha up with some links (and a translator)?

    I've never met a Upser from oversees, what's it like over there? How's management, benefits, pay, etc.?
  9. im suprised ups doesnt try and get that replica feeder removed from ebay.. i figured ups would try and control the sale of anything with ups drawn on it and get it taken off ebay... someone other than big brown stands to profit from the sale of that replica truck...... ANY RESPECTABLE DECENT UPSER WOULD NOT BUY THAT TRUCK OFF EBAY. buy it straight from UPS... support your companys future by giving your money directly to UPS. I sense legal trouble ahead for the ebay ups freight truck guy
  10. oldpaddy

    oldpaddy New Member

    Are you sure it's a replica? You can buy UPS vehicles at bulk on I would have to assume that UPS is ok with it.

    Now why if they sell all the other UPS merchandise at a discount to us, why not the trains?!?!
    I'm very angry about this.
    That's it! I'm mis-delivering 5 packages tomorrow in protest! AND I'm going to back onto someones front lawn! ;)
  11. yahhhhhh paddy.. trench that lawn! trench that lawn! i saw it on the 70s show u rev iut up pop the clutch and dig :censored2: in some old mans prized lawn... do it do it do it! i dunno where your located but where i am at it would be pointless now wait till spring or summer when its lookin nice.
  12. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    I am shocked at the prices for this stuff. A train Engine for $210.00? I grew up with Lionel Trains as kid, they were like Lincoln Logs or the Race Car Tracks. My next door neighbor had a giant layout that took up his entire basement. I used to build all kinds of models myself as a hobby. I could kick myself for throwing out that bag of Lionel boxcars and track a few years ago........:crying:
  13. Smirnoffinator

    Smirnoffinator New Member

    Ebay everything you own before throwing it out. Ive been doing it for years and sometimes you get suprised at what you make on stuff.