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    Thanks in advance. I’m currently in progression, as a driver. Now in the past, progression got paid at set increments, so when FTers (out of progression) got their yearly raises, those in progression didn’t get any. Well, the question is, the way I read it, the new Master Agreement clearly states, “Full time employees still in progression on the effective date of this Master Agreement shall receive the above contractual increases.” (Referring to the .70, .75, etc yearly raises.) (see attached screenshot of master agreement page)

    So, according to the progression chart, after 24 months, my rate should go to $24. Then I should also get the $.70 for 2018, for a total of $24.70 hourly. I asked someone from the union and they weren’t sure. Seems to be in black and white to me.

    You guys agree?

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  3. Whaaaaaa

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    Thanks, Silenze, for your answer. And I agree lunch is the best part of the day.
  4. WTFm8

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    Progression wages are national rates. Top rate is supplement language.

    Annual raises are separate of progression language and only applies to top-rate.

    Top rate will increase based on the annual raise chart you posted. Your progression wages will be the progression chart.
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  6. Rack em

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    @WTFm8 is correct. You get your yearly progression raise on your FT driving seniority date until you hit top rate. Then once you top out, you get the annual raise in August.
  7. Whaaaaaa

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    WTFm8, if you were right, then why would it say, ‘if you are still in progression you will get the raises’.? If I was top-rate already, I wouldn’t be in progression anymore and that statement wouldn’t be necessary.
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  8. Whaaaaaa

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    Also, not to mention, that statement was never in the previous contracts. For it to be included now indicates there is a difference, that difference being that all full-time drivers get the annual raises, even those in progression.
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  9. Rack em

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    Notice how the language you are referring to isn't in bold. That means it isn't new language and it carried over from previous contracts. Therefore, things will be done how they have been done in previous contracts. You get your progression raise while in progression, not progression raise plus the annual raise you greedy SOB.
  10. Whaaaaaa

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    @Rack em
    I’m only analyzing what is written.
    I forgive you for your nasty comment.
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  11. Benben

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    The $.70 raise only applies to the top rate. Once you hit top rate you get it. You do not add it to the increase in progression hourly pay amounts.
  12. MC0493

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    If you're still in progression then the small contractual raises are not for you. If you're making $21 an hour right now, you'll go to $24 once the contract goes through and you'll get your next raise to $28.75 on your anniversary. Once you've finished progression you'll go up to "top rate" whatever that may be in your local. Those small raises apply only to the top rate each year.
  13. ManInBrown

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    You don’t get the yearly bump. You only get the progression bump
  14. Griffin1820

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    What is split wage increases?
  15. clean hairy

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    1/2 of the raise would be in Feb, the 2nd half would be in Aug
  16. zubenelgenubi

    zubenelgenubi Well-Known Member

    But the progression bumps are yearly.
  17. upschuck

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    Actually, it is the other way around. The first half is in Aug, with the second in Feb, of the following year.
  18. 22.34life

    22.34life Active Member

    No GWI for any employee in progession,that is all.