Anyone ever have luck changing a training route?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by scisector9, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. scisector9

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    Hi all. I currently am a bid driver on one of our several training routes in the building. I recently discussed trying to get another route to become a training route as we have had several retirees leave and routes locally go unbid. Long story short, management didn't want to change the training routes and I am sure I was quite naiive for thinking I may be able to suggest so.

    In our union contract all is stated about training routes is as follows:
    "The company can establish training areas at each location for the purpose of training delivery drivers. If the company sees a need to change the designated training areas, a meeting will be held with the Union to discuss the change.

    So basically I answered my own question per the language in the contract, but has anyone ever seen training routes get switched? If so what were the circumstances? I like my route a lot, but of course every peak and when someone retires I get to cover for 6 weeks.
  2. Jones

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    Around here they can pick whichever route they want, they just have to list it as a training route on the annual bid.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We used to have just one training route---we have now have one training route per loop (5).

    The primary training route was chosen as it has a good mix of commercial and residential stops along with a fair amount of pickup stops. It is also close enough to the building where help can be sent, if needed, or the driver can come back in, dump and go back out.

    The other training routes are the routes that are the first to be cut when the volume is down but are rarely used to train new drivers.
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    Convince them it's good for them, not you.
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  5. oldngray

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    The only people I knew who tried to get a route changed from a trainee route were whiners. They knew what it was when they bid on it but thought they deserved special treatment.
  6. Bubblehead

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    Yep, while my route isn't a training route and actually the A route in my loop, they thought it was a good idea to cut my car on Mondays a couple of summers ago.
    When I refused to take those days off, and they realized how hard it was to find a good place to put me, they abandoned that experiment.
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  7. DriverNerd

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    My route used to be a training route. Everytime I got kicked off of it for some new one to train or a seasonal they failed miserably. Too much air, miles, business stops combo. It was decided the route was too difficult (ie. they were too lazy to change it to make it easier) so they made a newly posted route the replacement for mine. Every other training route in our center stayed the same.
  8. BigUnionGuy

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    You allowed them, to try and place you ?

    Why didn't you exercise your seniority.... and bump ?

  9. hellfire

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    The A car gets dissolved into several other routes, If he bumped someone he would still be getting the shaft.
  10. BigUnionGuy

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    The company would. :biggrin:

  11. Jones

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    Can't do that here unless the route gets permanently cut. If they just cut it on a Monday you work as a cover driver. Or go home.
  12. BigUnionGuy

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    The Central Region has better language.
  13. Bubblehead

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    The first "Monday", was really the Tuesday after Memorial Day, which I just happened to have an 8hr request for.
    When I refused to go home, my on-car asked what routes I knew in my center, to which I replied "none".

    I bid onto my route in 2000 from another center.

    The on-car then went through the manning book, unaware of my 8hr request, and found an uncovered route that he considered "light".
    After I had him find me a map, print out the manifest and pickup log, I asked him how he wanted to handle the work I did not finish?

    "What do you mean", he said?

    As I reminded him of my 8hr request, he became incensed and said there was only 8 hrs of work on the route.
    I explained how unrealistic it would be to think I could run scratch on a route I had never run before, using a map, etc.

    He then became even more frustrated and told me he didn't have any work for me then.
    I said "fine", "I'll head on home and expect to be paid my 8 hr guarantee".

    From there he reconsidered and had me run air, a few misloads, and then pretended to study safety drivel until he disappeared shortly after lunch.

    The following 2 Mondays, they convinced the senior B car driver in my loop to take they day off and I ran the A and B routes combined....into the ground.
    The 1st Monday the on-car rode with me for about 8 of the 13 hours and his hair littered the curbs of parts of both routes.

    After a second 13 hr day the following Monday, they abandoned this ill-fated "plan" for good.

    Don't tell me my business.;)

  14. Bubblehead

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    The company did, for sure.

  15. BigUnionGuy

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    Just think.... how much better the job could be, if more people just stood their ground.

    When things become inconvenient for them (or, it makes their reports look bad)

    they change their tune. Prime example is the 9.5 issue.

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  16. Coldworld

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  17. Scottyhawk

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    I thought that training routes were changed yearly, at least that is what I saw at the previous center I worked at
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  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Not in my center.
  19. Bubblehead

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    It would probably be contingent on how routes are bid in the first place.
    Here, we bid routes for life, so that wouldn't be feasible.
  20. PASinterference

    PASinterference Yes, I know I'm working late.

    I've heard of areas that bid routes for life. Not sure if I'd like that or not. Mgmt hates when we rebid routes and someone shakes things up by moving routes. We also get to see how 2 different people are dispatched on the same route.