Anyone ever have this problem?



Why is it, everytime I go to the dentist they try to screw me? I know I have great (ups) benefits, and believe me the front office people at my dentist office seem to drool over the benefits. Most of the work I have done on my teeth is covered 100% usually. Fillings are unlimited and covered at 100% cleanings 2 a year. I just had a porcelain inlay done covered at 80% I paid the difference when I left.
What I want to know is why then the front office is always trying to charge me $30 here, and tell me that this thing isn't covered or that thing isn't covered? I get mad when they pull this crap, and it has happened at more than one office. I just tell them to call my ups benefits center and they set them straight. It always comes down to some kind of billing code "discrepancy" oh we didn't have the right code, they tell me.
I think they have the right code and their trying to scam us out of extra $$$ after getting paid by our ins. This kind of thing never happens when I visit the doctor, just the dentist. Are they shady or what?????


yes plisken my dentist makes me pay my part that the insurance is not going to cover up front.I always feel like he is a shister .The work he does is good .so I go back for more ,funny aaa.


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I get charged $1 for every cleaning I'm like are you kidding y waste the money to send me the bill!!!! My wife's cleanings sometimes cost 30-40 I also get really angry cause I know we have some of the best insurance there is.


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My former dentist told me I needed to have my wisdom teeth out, and soon. Sent in for the pre auth all that good stuff. Moved, got new dentist. I dont have any wisdom teeth according to him..................


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I see people all the time who suffer from painful and/or unsightly dental issues that they lack the insurance to take care of. I would guess that every one of these people would be grateful for having the "problem" of a $30 co- pay on a cleaning.