Anyone ever recieve a reward for reporting theft?

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  1. cental34

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    The title says it all. Just kind of curious. I've heard employees can receive upto $5000 for reporting theft from corporate, and $2500 from the district. Any snitches here?
  2. RockyRogue

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    Not a snitch, though I've been called a "scab" by some on here for APWA posts and a p*ssy by a steward lol. Anyway...back to your question. I've heard rumors of said $5K payouts. Its all hush-hush. In my helper training class in December '05, a security manager came in and told us a few stories of driver theft. One helper that reported a theft was given a $1K reward and a glowing recommendation to HR by that security manager. I think the guy said the helper was hired into the hub and he'd seen him a few times--first as an hourly, later as a sup and finally on-road (random encounter) as a driver considering full-time supervision. Rocky
  3. tieguy

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    having knowledge and not reporting it can get you fired too. Most of your senior upsers will report any theft they see.
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  4. 705red

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    The loop hole is upto, most of the people that ive dealt with typically get $50, $100 bucks tops. Theres no need to steal and i wont condone it, but i cant rat out some1 at the same time. I have never seen any1 steal, but have represented my fair share of them.
  5. sealbasher

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    ive gotten 2 $200 rewards for reporting fraud.
  6. 71chevy

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    Many moons ago, I received a $1000.00 check. A pt loader was overlabeling packages and having them sent to a relative on my route.I delivered several of them before I caught on to his game. THis was probably around 20 years ago. NOt long after that , these nice rewards came to an end. I heard of upsers getting $50.00 to $100.00 rewards after that.
  7. scratch

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    Re: Anyone ever receive a reward for reporting theft?

    I was talking to someone outside of work I didn't know well and when I mentioned I worked for UPS, he bragged that they were stealing out of a UPS truck where he worked. He got caught holding a high value electronic item in the back of that truck a few weeks later by LP and the county police. The shipping supervisor and another shipping clerk also were in on it. This was a long time ago, I didn't do it for the one grand I got, I did it because they were thieves, and I just don't like people who steal. I don't consider this "snitching", its called doing what is morally right. And as a shareholder, they were stealing from me, not just some big company. I'd do it again without giving it a second thought. :mad:
  8. cental34

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    For those who recieved rewards, how long did you have to wait before receiving it?
  9. tieguy

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    If you saw someone throwing packages over the fence you wouldn't report it?
    You call it "rat out"?

    Saying such things appears to indicate that you feel you should abide by a "code of honor" with thieves?

    Where does your code of honor draw the line? If you a steward saw a union official stealing from the union coffers would you also look the other way?

    If you saw a driver steal from an old lady living on SS would you also abide by this "code of honor with thieves"?

    I'm flabbergasted that you would possibly think turning in a thief would be "ratting out" like there is no honor in it? Thieves who steal from the company also steal from you and me. They have no code of honor.
  10. Leftinbuilding

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    I found an empty laptop computer box in a suspicious place (away from where normal rewraps take place) and mentioned to my supe. The next day I found another one. Turned out there was a whole ring of guys on the preload helping themselves to laptops. Many were recovered. I got $100.00. Was told that the only way to get the full 5k was to actually "go undercover" and work yourself into the ring. I don't need that.
  11. Cole

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    I know of a driver in our center who caught someone walking in our parking lot who took some packages out, and he reported it, but got nothing, not even a thank you, but hey I wouldn't care about a reward, wrong is wrong, and if one has morals they will report theft. Of course if it's inside UPS stewards like myself will have to represent these people, but what can you say? He suffered a momentary lapse of reasoning?

    They chose the crime, and have to suffer the consequences imho...if found guilty.
  12. I know someone who did. A region staff level manager in Corporate stole a UPS laptop for his kid to use at college. Someone I know reported him. The person who reported it had his career ruined. The thief has since been promoted to a District Manager level position.
  13. Sammie

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    This was some time ago but I'll never forget it -

    One of our drivers actually stopped a theft in progress at the site of one of his customers. He drove right into the area where the crime was being committed and the thieves scattered. Someone called the police and our driver locked himself in the back of his pkg car as the criminals returned and began firing shots at the UPS vehicle.

    And the thanks HE got? The driver was terminated because he had chosen to interrupt his work day. But when the local news got wind of this, he was quickly hired back on.

    And hey, thanks for going above and beyond....
  14. 71chevy

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    I think that guy works in our district now.
  15. 705red

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    Tie are you serious? The biggest theives at ups are the management team. They lie, cheat, and steal from the hourly employees every day and get away with it. But thats okay right? So some kid busting his ass for $8.50 an hour runs into an open box full of movado watches and its wrong for him to fill his pockets. Come on who is in the wrong there, but because management condones the repeated screwing of the numbers which in returns costs some hourly moneies out of his pocket. When you the ups brass start running on the up and up maybe ill rat out a theif thats not in management!!!!

    I dont condone stealing, just having fun with tie!
  16. wyobill

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    I dont like it when shippers try to sneak an os3 for 20 lbs for example. That is also ripping off the company. I wonder how much the company loses in bogus weights on packages. I try and catch as many as I can.
  17. tieguy

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    So does that mean you will or won't turn a thief in? Because if won't rat then it does sound like you're condoning theivery?

    As for the biggest thieves may I humbly suggest you look at the gumbas who stole your pension money from all those hard working blue collar americans?
  18. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    There we go with your racial profiling. Its actually an interesting comparison, i would like to see the numbers from both to see. I personally beleive that ups might come out a little ahead of the theft allegation between them.
  19. Griff

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    I wouldn't rat on anyone because I now know that UPS doesn't keep their word for the reward. UPS is obviously not too concerned about stealing if they are willing to steal from the very person that is informing them of theft.
  20. krash

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    I had a house house that started receiving computers. The first set looked legit(this was back when shipper #'s were still used). The second set some what questionable. The third, well it had several barcodes and an obvious label alteration which I turned into the supervisor. Didn't think a thing about it till about two months later when I and another driver(who bumped up to my route) received $500 a piece. He too, had questionable looking packages. They busted a PTer at PLEGA for relabeling packages and sending to friends:mad: We all know UPS is slow and I guess they investigate before paying. I wasn't expecting a reward since I was never informed that the packages were indeed rerouted illegally.