anyone HOTT???

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by fups, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. fups

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    first time in package car in the Summer....its kinda hot !! you think ups would get mad if i cut out a hole above the jump seat and installed a AC window unit right there??? have it blowing in the Big Brown oven the whole day..... ummmm that would be nice..

    "we ain't got no Band Randy"

  2. archibald

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    [​IMG]Tough it out, alot of good men did it for 30 years before you did! you get use to the heat and believe me I am in the south so I am seein 100 degrees and 100% humidity, drink alot of water and do not overheat, if you have to stop and cool off. havin AC off and on only makes it worse, trust me, be safe,[​IMG]
  3. rushfan

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    How about modifying the front windows to tilt out just like the old VW Busses for more ventilation.

    Carry a spray bottle with water. Spray yourself every stoplight..sure people may think you're vain, but it'll keep you cool.
  4. feederdryver

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    heat?? what heat??

    My AC in my tractor is so cold.. my water bottle freezes.

    haha !
  5. fups

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    yeah... i'm down in the "dirty" south as well. its hot alright. it gets downright HOT. plenty of water and staying out of the back of the car is key.... bout died the other day setting up residentials...

    Peace....."we ain't got no band RANDY!! "
  6. rushfan

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    Yah, I like seeing the feeder drivers come out of their tractors with long sleeves, and winter boots on when it's 100 outside.

    If anything, my goal is to move to feeder for the A.C.
  7. feederdryver

    feederdryver Guest

    You think you can handle pulling around a 53 foot trailer with a tractor totaling an average 60,000 lbs?
    I guess the AC is just a reward for accomplishing so much responsibility.

    This job is not for the weak or meek. So think carefully before you set out for your goal.
  8. trouble1903

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    Ok so where is my reward for 150 stops (800 pieces plus) a day. I'm not saying it doesn't take a certin type of person to do your job, but please!! Most if not all the feeder driver I know think their job is a piece of cake and would never return to package car even for more money!!!
  9. antimatter

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    "If anything, my goal is to move to feeder for the A.C."

    Rush, it's the ONLY way to go! Proof that you don't have to kill yourself at UPS to make a buck.

  10. lifer

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    I covered a route today that features our new 'sprinter'---man those things make 100 degrees feel like 115.

    they need to rip them doors off.

    get a little air flow going.[​IMG][​IMG]
  11. feederdryver

    feederdryver Guest


    You can always do harder work than going into the hub and loading packages at 1000 pcs per hour in 90+ degree "building" temperature during the summer or freeze in the winter (depending on where you live). And you can enjoy that awesome loading/unloading pay rate of what.. $8.50/hr ??

    So before you go taking Antismart's piece of advice about "Feeders being the ONLY way to go... "
    consider yourself fortunate doing what your doing now.

    Oh..and we Do bust our humps in Feeders/TDP
    ..regardless what some of them old farts may tell you.
  12. kidlogic

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    So what your telling us is that a guy looking at 150 stops and over 800 pieces as Trouble stated to should think long and hard on a hot and humid day about even thinking of going to feeders? That spending 9 hours sitting in an airconditioning, driving that big responsible truck, some how is equal to his day. You mean you can honestly tell this board that if a supervisor came up to you before your shift and pointed to two vehicles and says "You can either pull the big resposible truck for 9 or ten hours with airconditioning,the radio, and the CB. Or I can offer you this poorly loaded package car which will be 110 degrees for most of the day,no air ride seat,you will need to drink 2 gallons of water because of all the sweat,150 stops,800 pieces and at the end of the day if you do a real good job you can call in and see if you can help the guy beside you!"
    You would actual think long and hard about which one you would take?
  13. trouble1903

    trouble1903 Guest

    Just as an FYI...the feeder drivers I'm refering to are both old and new.
  14. antimatter

    antimatter Guest

    "Oh..and we Do bust our humps in Feeders/TDP
    ..regardless what some of them old farts may tell you."

    Feederdryver, then you are working in the wrong region or you have forgotten what real UPS labor is like.
  15. feeder

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    I, myself, 17yr. veteran(12yrs pkg-car,2yrs feeders, the rest inside bldg.), once had a rural pkg-car route before I got trained and enter the feeder dept. I remember those hot summer days and winter snow days, running up farm lanes just to deliver a NDA letter or an over 70 package. Some of my fellow pkg-car driver friends ask me from time to time, how is feeder vs. package car.. I tell them; its like being on extended vacation, but I still wear my browns and collect an even bigger paycheck on friday. Also, being in feeders is like package car, hehe, without the packages,customers and all that daily negotiated customer serving headaches. Its funny in package car, customers can complain and call the 800 number on you, but trailers you pull, dont talk back!!
  16. over9five

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    Well, at least when your doing package, YOU DONT GET FAT!!!!!
  17. upsdude

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    I had a chance to bid into feeders I passed. I took a look at the seniority list and realized my vacations and PHs would be during those cold months. Besides, I really like sleeping at night. I had my fill of night shift when I was a police officer. Now one of those day runs, thats another story! LOL!
  18. feeder

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    We'll, working nites has its trade offs from working day in pkg-car. I can get alot of things done during the week day, when I want things done, but in pkg-car, coming home around 7 or 730 at nite and eating that left-over dinner your wife left in the microwave and watching 1 or 2 sit-coms with 2 hyper kids, who haven't seen you all day and sleeping and waking up again to find yourself back in the seat of a pkg-car, nah, I dont miss that at all!!
  19. feederdryver

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    Here ..let me get you a box of tissues..hahaha !!

    Okay I'll answer you bloated question...
    Your right.. I would pick the tractor over the package car. Which is what I did...

    It's funny how you made no reference to doing hub work compared to package car work? Why is that?

    My point is.. you picked to be in Packages. I chose to go in Feeders. I also paid 3500 of my own money to get my CDL. You will be trained for "free"... by the company.
    Why should I have to worry about you coming into Feeders and dovetailing your seniority over mine?
    It's not my fault you chose Packages in the first place... Stick to the path you chose and stop whining about it.
    In other words.. "STAY OUT OF MY DEPARTMENT AND I"LL STAY OUT OF YOURS" !! Hmmmmmmm ???

    now go have a beer !
  20. rushfan

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    I've heard the stories that happen during the dead of night...

    One feeder told me that he saw a semi backing up on the interstate, around 2 am. Not to mention the drunk drivers.

    Another told me that he lost his service line going 65. Skid marks for 1/2 mile, not to mention the ones in his shorts.

    People hanging out in the "no zone" (blind spot).