Anyone outta the norwood ma building

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  1. just curious if theres any fellow drivers who has to deal with a certain building manager?
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    You mean other than your co-workers?
  3. i posted that wrong. meant division manager. he runs both norwood and RI hub
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    I am not out of Norwood but I know him all to well. . . .
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    Sitting back waiting on people to start ripping this dm. Suggesting-people have no opinions, but have heard something about this dm.
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    I got a beef with Norwood. They load up Grade Lane 400, 3 day small bags to well over 60 pounds. They send them to our air hub and we ship them off to Louisville. I get complaints from fellow employees. I sometimes do the 400 sort myself. I have been bringing this issue up at every safety meeting for over a year. According to management here, They send E-mails to Norwood and the issue has not been resolved. I have even talked to my DM and she is aware of the problem. Smalls bags are unwieldy at that heavy weight and can cause serious injury. Management at Norwood is dropping the ball on this safety issue.
  10. the guy thinks hes god.....he actually said to a driver "wut brings you to my alter". ive never seen someone enjoy making peoples lives misrable as bad as this guy.
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    yes, i feel like i'm back in grammer school with all the red ink on the reports he hands out...
  12. well some of us know who im talking i found out on fri (lunch with some fellow drivers) that theres a bounty on the employee whos been passing out H.R cards (ATL) to file complaints againest him and our center manager for harrassment. Funny too cause i have one of those cards!
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    Be carefull to cover detail of yourself when giving that kind of detail of your local when negative talks come of district management. You just don't know who might linger on the cafe . Nothing against a rant. Just be cautious.
    I can zoom right in and C the roof of your hub. Example.

    I didn't even know your hub existed before this.

    Hub @ university ave and Everett intersect

    Talk about putting a target on your back. I'm just looking out for you.

    Anyways, as u were saying.
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  14. Thats y if u look at my profile u will see nada. norwood isnt my building! He runs mine and theres. He was already chased out of the last division he harrassed and tortured! The number is anomynous. Maybe our buildings can put him in thd unployment line! Lol
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    I hope I am never unployed.
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    C*???? Complete :censored2:!!!Hes an abuse of power and should be fired for what he does to employees.
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    IIRC Norwood, MA building is a converted steel plant, definitely not meant to be a UPS bldg....the stairs up and down to the guardshack are pretty weird, too. ;)
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    So is that little alley to drive around the back of the building!
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    True, this building was rumored to be just a temporary design when it opened in 1987! There must be a good center manager or division manager there?
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    I don't work there, but it is my belief that there are good managers in every building.