Anyone work in se florida?

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    re-posting earlier thread with hopes I can get a response...
    Can anyone who works in a Southeast Florida hub (Miami, Hialeah, etc..) tell me what the average wait is to turn full time (e.g. package car driver or helper)? Or can someone tell me whether a particular hub down there is low or high in volume?

    Thank you-
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    THAT sounds like aquestion a fedex corprate person would ask
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    I'm a p/t package handler for UPS contemplating whether to stay put and try and get full time with UPS or accept a state gov't civil service job. I have heard some p/t'ers waiting for as long as 10 years in some areas and as little as 2-3 years to become full time. Just trying to gather some facts about the Miami hubs before making my final decision.
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    Take the part-time UPS job and the civil service job. Then when a full-time spot opens you can quit the civil service job.
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    UPS full time promotions at zero in my hub.

    Hell we got full timers working two part time shifts.