Sups constantly doing union work and working unsafe and asking you to do the same

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by LoveUPS, Aug 10, 2019.

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    In my hub every supervisor I've had over the years will break jams, load, unload, sweep, etc.
    This also includes all the full time supervisors.
    They do this everyday.

    They will also send people home or to another area and because of that they will have to pick up some of the work; irregs/loading.

    They will also walk on chutes, throw/toss boxes, walk on rollers, stack packages, walk on running belts, not use load stands everyday as well.

    The only time they want me to follow the methods is when we are being audited, a bigwig is there, a trainer or safety committee member is doing an observation on you. Or if they need to take a picture of your wall.

    But after that they will tell you to forget the methods and tell you to hurry up. Just go as fast as you can and toss everything. So in turn the employee culture in the building is to also toss all the packages and not use the load stands.

    In the building no one has ever filed a grievance for this and it's quite normal. It seems most of the people on this forum would file a grievance. But I'm not even sure if my local even cares to enforce this. In my hub it seems like this would be a backstab and just put a target on my back.
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    So what is your question? If it’s that bad file grievance. If you just came to rant then we have enough of it already so do it somewhere else. Thanks in advance
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    You are the Union. And you shouldn’t assume what the leadership of your Local knows or how much they care until you’ve personally told them what’s up. Talk your your shop steward or call your BA directly.
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    Dumbest post I think I’ve seen on here. Anybody with a brain would file a grievance every time you see your supervisor even touching a package. Especially if they are giving layoffs then working in place of the people they are sending home that’s bs.
  5. I always thought the only real jobs of a PT belt sup were
    1) to break jams and
    2) push the buttons on that ancient computer terminal that makes blown-out trailers go away
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    Although the members are the union, at the same time if the local leadership cared they would be more involved in getting the members involved in enforcing the contract.
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  7. UnconTROLLed

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    They don't want too many members involved in the club.
  8. UnconTROLLed

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    I've had stewards tell me that, verbatim. At least they're honest in that respect. ;)
  9. Superteeth2478

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    That's true, and sometimes the stewards aren't necessarily in line with what their local leadership does (or doesn't do) that's detrimental to the membership. But they only have so much power to help the members when they're not being supported by the local leadership, either.
  10. BrownMonk

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    Talk to your business agent. He may be waiting on someone to ball up and file.
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    pretty sure the answer is simple, GRIEVANCE! FILE, FILE, FILE, AND FILE AGAIN! if a supe ever tells you to move faster, hurry, toss. simply tell them "I am working at a pace that i feel is safe for me and i will load as i was trained to do" do not worry about a target on your back, (if you do have a target on your back after filing, guess what? you have a new grievance to file, Harassment) you are there to do YOUR JOB, the supe job is to supervise and only supervise, nothing more. File grievances, get paid for them and show them you are not a pushover, they will leave you alone.
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  13. BestMgrEver

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    Mind your business lol!
  14. silverbullet2893

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    Don’t do union work lol!