anything new in contract negotiations?

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by sothpaw, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. sothpaw

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    Anything new in Indy on contract negotiations? What does everybody think about the new accident policy where there is no more 3 accidents in a year and you are terminated? No wonder Ground went union!!!! That would be fine if we had equiment that was worth a flip!! I do not know how everybody else equipment situation is but ours suck!!!!! We have four rentals and the last time we got a new tractor was 3 years ago. When is the new stuff coming we need it and fast?
  2. southerngrits

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    what new policy.. we in GVL haven't heard crap on a new policy? what does it state...?
  3. Channahon

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    I started as a driver in 1978 and the same rule applied. 3 avoidable accidents in one year and you're gone. State of Illinois
  4. sothpaw

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    It was something new from coperate that was read to us on Monday and we even signed some paper that they read it to us.
  5. retired2000

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    mistake number one. never sign anything that ups throw in front of you.
  6. JonFrum

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    This new website was just put up by TDU to keep UPSers informed on contract developments. Be sure to click on all the tabs. . . .

    Start here for UPS Freight contract info . . .
    : What's at Stake at UPS Freight
  7. nospinzone

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    Thanks for the links, Jon. I find one paragraph on this site most telling of the IBT's true intentions in organizing UPSF.
    The Blue side can expect to see their benefits reduced and the potential return on their pension contributions severely stymied when IBT starts using UPSF contributions to keep the 60.5% funded pensions from slipping further into insolvency.
  8. local804

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    Never Ever!
  9. Channahon

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    What's with Don't sign anything at UPS? If an employee refuses to sign it's documented and filed anyways. If needed in the future, it will be brought up at a hearing anyways. Then the union rep asks the employee - did you refuse to sign - the employee says yes. The union rep says were you present for whatever and the employee says yes - is an accountability issue being skirted? In most cases UPS asks employees to sign to document PCM's, training, safety rides, etc. If you don't have direct deposit do you sign your check from UPS or refuse to sign???
  10. UPSFreightMan

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    It was always Overnites policy after 3 preventable accidents to be terminated. This is nothing new
  11. gobrown

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    old policy,if equipment "ok for service" you have to drive it,but STAY SAFE
  12. tieguy

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    I agree with your point. I think it actually helps the company when you refuse to sign. We still document that the policy was reviewed with the person. Presentation of a refused to sign could then make it appear the employee is uncooperative and trying to avoid accountability.
  13. canon

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    Then why do you need a signature? If when you say the employee is trying to avoid accountability you mean refusing to admit guilt for not reaching UPS' unrealistic expectations, then... yes.

    I sign things that don't pertain to my job performance.
  14. Channahon

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    Have you ever signed drivers license form, mortgage papers, any other legal doument to protect yourself? Oh wait UPS is out to screw you - for safety habits, seeing habits, PCM's to protect you so you can be home with your family. Teamster itty bitty mind - DON'T sign anything at work that may hold you accountable.
  15. canon

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    Bew Hew.

    I said I sign things that don't pertain to job performance. Safety habits, seeing habits, rosters for training films sure... but not "hey you missed 2 boxes going down the belt yesterday, sign this." The key point you mentioned is that not everything UPS wants you to sign is designed to "protect you".

    Teamster itty bitty mind? If that's the best insult you can come up with you'd be better off not mixing insults with references to intelligence.

    Not sure what I did to you... and don't even really care at this point. Sign the stuff if you want and quit trying to be a control freak.
  16. RockyRogue

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    I have to agree, Canon. I'm still new as an inside employee (this stint) but during my original stint, I'd sign the accurate things they gave me to sign, including rosters, etc, etc et al. I missorted an NDA one nite, turned out to be a service test. Sup wrote me up, I signed it. I took responsibility for a mistake. Never was written up again.

    However, a few months later, they were doing handling audits. They sent an LP guy around to do 'em. This guy was a general a** to everyone. I saw him coming but continued sorting, thinking he was just keeping occupied. A few minutes later, he came up and asked I sign his clipboard. I was gettin my a** handed to me and asked what it was. He told me it was a handling audit. I shrugged and asked where to sign. He tapped the signature cell on his little table and I traced it back to the number. Thought, "No way!! This can't be right." Did it again. Confirmed it was a 40%. I looked up at him, scowled and snarled, "I'm not signing this! This is insulting!! I'm busting my A*S up here, keeping this unloader on and you're tellin me I'm not doing my job? Audit these other sorters and come back to me if you still want me to sign." He didn't come back. Few weeks later, he did 'em again. That time he gave me an 80%. I tried to resist being a smartass but I couldn't. I told him, "Found out I was right, didn't you?" Guy gave me a strange look and walked away. I was bracing for him to bring his boss down to ream me a new one. Never showed. And, yes, yes, I know how much sups hate giving these audits but this guy was doing the first round to be an A**H**E. Sorry for the long post. -Rocky
  17. HazMatMan

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    I think it's the same here in New York.
  18. local804

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    First off, I am sorry I dont get to answer posts in a quicker manner. I try to find the time to wind down and relax on the computer, but with a family and a driver job it tends to be tough. I think it is quite clear what I was talking about signing and we all know I was not refering to a UPS check. I will try to say this so everyone can understand. The forms that UPS tries to get you to sign with the double edge sword sticking out of it. The form that they can and will use against you in an arbitration and or compensation case. Example, my knee is blown out from wear and tear over the years of getting in and out of the truck 250,000 times. I am at a compensation hearing and UPS plays the BS violin saying that on such and such a date I was observed not using the handrail and they use the paper against me. Or how about the paperwork that says that you count every package that you pick up and every package is out of sight and out of weather. They want you to sign that you count every package but on an OJS if you start ripping apart the bags to count them they call it sabatoge. They dont want us to break down a skid to count every package so why in Gods name should we sign a piece of paper saying we do. When you challenge UPS on their "safety" or decline to give to the United Way, they look for ways to F^$k you. When you ask in a Safety meeting why 300 trucks leave the building the same time when we agreed that we would have staggered times to reduce breathing that horrific exhaust fumes, UPS takes offence and they try to f%ck you. Why is it that after this meeting the Building Mgr and the Division mgr decided to follow the driver that asked these questions? Do they have anything better to do than see if he is using his handrail or using 3 points of contact when entering the vehicle? I guarantee you if he wasnt at that meeting, he would not have been followed that day. If the supervisors supervised and the managers managed instead of thinking they are the police we would all be better off. Dont sign anything that can be used against you. When you go to a closing on a house, you dont sign anything unless you have a lawyer review the form.When A-Rod came to NY did he just sign the contract? NO he had his agent review it before he signed it. DO NOT sign anything UPS puts in front of you unless your shop steward is present or your business agent is with you.
  19. RockyRogue

    RockyRogue Agent of Change

    I agree to a certain extent with you, Local 804. If its a "personnel file" type thing ie safety ride, I'd sign it. If it was a write-up for a reasonable reason ie attendance, I'd sign it. If it was a member of management trying to cause trouble or deliberately provoke me or the union, I'd refuse to sign it. I've heard of that happening and its really disgusting to abuse one's authority. I've had sups that would deliberately provoke a toe-to-toe with the union, sometimes because I really think they got a kick out of it. If I KNEW there was an ulterior motive behind the write-up or other piece of paper, I'd refuse to sign it. I've had such incidents at other jobs. And its just paranoia to think EVERY piece of paper is there for an ulterior motive, folks. I'm sure I'll get reamed for that last statement but...I'll defend it. I've said this in other threads but I signed PCM's, etc. I refused to thing in the 15 months I was with UPS in Chicago and that was a BULLS**T, insulting handling audit. I was written up once for a missort (I signed that one to accept responsibility). -Rocky
  20. local776

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    not heard anything so far. The lips are glued on this. Alot of folks want some info of whats going on.