April 22 - Earth Day - UPS Holiday

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  1. Monkey Butt

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    Anybody notice on the new "Green" calendars that April 22 (Earth Day) is designated as a UPS Holiday. I guess UPS is really into this green thing if that is now a UPS Holiday. I guess that is UPS contribution to the cause - no trucks on the road, no driving to work yippee! :D
  2. over9five

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    And I hear it's a paid day off! (Plus time and a half if you're forced to work).
  3. dilligaf

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    Your kidding, right? You are kidding!:happy-very:
  4. Lobofan5

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    I have one of the new cheap....err..I mean "green" calandars.
  5. sortaisle

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    If there is truth to this, then UPS will be the largest corporation to EVER brown nose the green movement. I am very conservation minded. I still need to work. There were people pissing about working on Christmas so UPS can maintain it's competitive edge. If earth day surpasses Christmas as a day no one works, then I'm officially :censored2: off.
  6. dannyboy

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    this is the type of crap when you start hiring people off the street for our corp offices, instead of those that have busted their butts.

    lotsa touchy feely good stuff. all hype, no substance. but it is the flavor of the month

  7. scratch

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    • I think it is great that UPS has decided to make Earth Day an official UPS Holiday. I, for one, am willing to make an extreme sacrifice and actually work if need be. I can celebrate later in the week by planting a tree or by recycling my beer bottles. As a plus, we make double time under our Southern Supplement to work holidays.........its kind of like triple time!:greedy:
  8. upsdude

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    ...............and notice New Year's Eve is missing any "Holiday" designation
  9. rushfan

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    Agreed danny.. I am still leery of Mr. Davis coming from the "outside" II Morrow an aircraft avionics company that UPS acquired. UPS needs to become private again so we can answer to our own people and not the goons on wall street.

    Unfortunately today people do things that make them feel good i.e. the "green" fad/religion. I turn off my lights but I am not subscribing to a belief in a religion that makes you feel guilty. They say it makes you feel good to buy re-usable bags-When I was a bag boy, plastic bags were just coming out to save the trees-now the bags are bad; drive a hybrid car, use one square of toilet paper (Sheryl Crowe)-I like to feel clean.

    Ethanol -is hygroscopic-attracts water which damages engines-don't use 10% ethanol in your boats it WILL damage the engine, and causes the price of corn to skyrocket-and congress (in the end we) subsidize it. It doesn't work in aircraft engines-it will freeze at altitude-and a prop that isn't turning is bad.

    Wind power-the infrastructure costs a lot to maintain, it's unreliable. East of my city, about 30 turbines were installed-none of them are online producing energy-a total waste.

    Go Nuclear. France produces their electricity by it.

    I believe in being stewards of the earth, but extreme measures to prevent a fake science i.e. global warming is s*(T!

    CO2 is bad-Ok, you drink a flat beer/soda. Do you like bread that doesn't rise, do you exhale, If you think we have such a devastating role in climate change KILL YOURSELF-YOU PRODUCE CO2!

    What killed off the dinosaurs-my gas guzzling redneck pickup with the gun rack in the back wasn't even around then!

    And finally......

    I'm glad cows produce CO2-I love beef it tastes good!
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  10. brownmonster

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    According to my Veterans of Foreign Wars calander it's also Administative Professional's Day, so buy your OMS a gift.
  11. stevetheupsguy

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    No, No, No, UPS is giving all of our pkg cars the day off; We'll be walking all of our deliveries out.

    I'm so green, if I lay in grass, I disappear.
  12. Mike Hawk

    Mike Hawk New Member

    I call shenanigans
  13. UPSNewbie

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  14. har688

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    Our sups swear it is not a holiday.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Farmers target EPA report they say might tax cows
  16. Mike Hawk

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    I wonder how many cows it takes to produce 100 tons of carbon emissions? But seriously whats next, Mexican food tax?
  17. BrownSuit

    BrownSuit Active Member

    That's too funny. I'll definitely have to take a look at it when I go to work on Monday. Can't seem to bring myself to bringing any of the Calendars home. I gave out the wall and desk calendars as Christmas presents last year. From the sounds of things, we aren't going to even have Desk Calendars this year :dissapointed:

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, it's not really a holiday. We still have to work.